A Peaceful December

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And just like that, we’re in December!

How does being here in the last month of the year feel to you?

Most women I talk to share that entering December feels like the world is spinning faster. Their to-do lists, their obligations and responsibilities, seem to expand at an exponential rate as we head down the slippery slope to the end of the year. Holiday celebrations, end-of-year-fests, intense weather, and that heightened awareness of the passage of time that comes with the turning of the year.

When I was planning out the monthly themes for The Calm Space earlier this year, I had December earmarked as Celebration. I always take the choices to my inner circle of writers (luminaries all) who are usually in agreement. But not this time. This time, this month, they said can we do something different? Can we tone it down a little, to be more of what we really want in the lead up to Christmas?

Wise, aren’t they?

And so we’re not going to be talking about Celebrations this month. Oh no. We’re going to be talking about Peace. Luscious, loving, serene peace.

And to me today, peace seems like perfection in a cup, like that soothing, warming mug of tea on a bitterly cold day or a sweet float in the pool on a sultry summer afternoon.

When my heart is at peace, the world is at peace.

~Chinese Proverb~

The last couple of weeks have been some of the busiest of my year. And it doesn’t look like slowing down much until we actually get to December 25 – even though my stated intention was to take December ‘off’.

And I’ve caught myself thinking to myself things like ‘as we hurtle towards the new year’, ‘as I race towards the Christmas celebrations’, and ‘I have to rush and get this done’. All of those fast, action-oriented, hurry, hurry, hurry words and phrases that spike my blood pressure and send surges of adrenalin through my body just thinking them.

I’ve discovered that even though I ‘thought’ I was at peace with the activity and plans and obligations, really my mind was still stirring things up, encouraging anxiety and stressful thinking. Hmm.

So I’ve made a pact with myself.

Every time I catch myself using a word or phrase in my self-talk, and aloud in conversation, that makes me feel anxious I’m turning it around.

My mantra for this month is:

There is plenty of time. Everything is peaceful. I am enough.

The size of the list of things to do hasn’t changed, yet I’m feeling calmer.

I am replacing rushing, hurtling, racing, and go go go with ease and flow and enoughness. Knowing that my presence – my wholehearted presence – is worth so much more than presents.

How are you approaching this month?

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