Making a Mess in the Sandbox is Kindness 101

November 27, 2012 by  
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I have something very new and exciting for you today. This is my first video conversation, and it’s with the delightful Melissa Dinwiddie.

Melissa is an artist, a writer, a singer-songwriter-performer, and a creativity instigator who is on a mission to empower people to follow their creative calling. I first met Melissa about 18 months ago in Portland, Oregon – in fact, we had dinner together one night! It was a delight to connect and chat with Melissa again, and it’s an honour to share her and why she thinks we are all creative.

Melissa and I chatted this week about creativity, play and the powerful link between heeding your creative urges and self-care. Melissa’s story about how she turned her life around in just 15 minutes a day is very special.

This video is also our joint announcement of exciting happenings beginning today!

To register for Melissa’s (free) course:

Creative Sandbox 101 – Kickstart Your Creativity with the Power of Play

please subscribe at Kick Start Your Change, and you will be sent the link to get into the course (yes, it’s that easy).

And to find out more about Melissa – connect with her at Living a Creative Life.

P.S. Yes, I used the word ‘joint’ in the announcement above. There’s a reason for that, which will all become clear once you pop over to Kick Start Your Change. (nudge nudge)


5 Responses to “Making a Mess in the Sandbox is Kindness 101”
  1. What a delight to get to chat with you, Káren! Thanks so much for having me here. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, the concept of not creating a perfect end result is a little confronting, but also quite freeing. I am willing to try it. :)

    • In our culture of “excellence” and “create epic sh*t,” allowing ourselves to intentionally make messes and strive for imperfection does feel weird at first. But perfectionism just leaves us paralyzed. Imperfectionism lets us let our authentic selves out.

      I would love to hear what happens when you give it a try, Angela! :)