Cherish Your Self

November 29, 2012 by  
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Are you taking care of your number one asset?

That one thing you just could not do without?

Your number one asset is that glass ball you’re juggling – and often almost dropping – without really paying attention.

When you don’t take care of your number one asset, things can go bad, fast. And at this time of year, when there are the additional demands of the holidays placed upon your shoulders, it’s more important – even critical – to put some safeguards in place to make sure this ball doesn’t shatter!

Your number one asset is you.

In conjunction with the wonderful people at Kick Start Your Change, I’m sharing my signature course to help you find the motivation to keep the ball that says ‘me‘ high in the air.


It’s free. It’s only 5 days. I’d love to have you join us!

To join in the course:

  1. Register here to join the mailing list at Kick Start Your Change (you’ll receive notifications of free courses every week!)
  2. Watch out for an email from Kick Start Your Change with the details of how to register.
  3. Join me!

Cherish Your Self

I’d also like to share my first video interview – Melissa Dinwiddie asked all the right questions to bring out that back story (and a flurry of mixed metaphors) about why I am so passionate about this topic. You can watch the conversation (it’s under 20 minutes) over at her place: Living A Creative Life – Cherish Yourself and Kickstart Your Change with Káren Wallace. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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