A Touch of Kindness for You

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I’ve been thinking about what you and I need

as we plunge into the holiday season.


If we’re just keeping our head above water coping with life, with work, relationships, family, friends, and those endless chores, when the holidays appear on the horizon it can feel like we’ve lifted this additional load upon our shoulders and the weight presses down upon us, threatening to pushing us under.

We can find it hard to breathe for the busyness, the demands, the exhaustion.

Not to mention the expectations.

What I find the biggest drain on my inner resourcefulness as I hurtle towards the end of the year is my own expectations. My dreams of sugar plum fairies and beautifully crafted Christmas moments.

Somewhere in my past, I constructed this elaborate dream of what the holidays should be like. And I kill myself trying to make that dream a reality.

Well, that used to be my story. But after one too many injuries and complete and utter wipe-outs (and we’re not even going to mention the mad cleaning woman driving her family bonkers), I’ve rewritten the script. I (finally) learned from all those painful lessons over the years.

And the biggest thing I know is that right now you need a

touch of kindness. A touch of gentle care, and a release of

those expectations and ‘shoulds’.

(and let’s not even talk about the guilt)

And yet, with the holidays looming large on the horizon, parties, celebrations, decorations, baking, and endless gift lists clogging your brain, kindness is the last thing on your mind. Well, kindness for yourself is the last thing on your mind. You’ve got everyone else in your sights right now.

Even if you’re coping pretty well, you know from experience that there will be moments. That no matter how hard you try, there is often some little thing that triggers that {anxious} {panicky} {sad} {fill in your own emotion} response and you feel like you just cannot cope any more.

Seasons that just don’t seem the same since the family doesn’t look the same anymore. Seasons when you’re challenged because of health, marriage, death, distance, or financial strain.

And if you try to compromise, try to pull back on commitments, gifts, entertaining, {or anything you’ve loaded yourself up with}, you end up feeling guilty, and being even less kind to yourself as a result.

Yep. Been there, done that. It didn’t work for me.

What you need, more than anything else {even more than a glass of wine or a plane ticket to Tahiti} is to be kind to yourself.

If you’re aching for that touch of kindness, and would love to learn really effective, lasting tips for being gentle with yourself without feeling like you’re neglecting everyone else … it’s time for your very own Self-Kindness Project, my love.

I’ve put this special Self-Kindness Project together with you in mind.

Join me for five simple, sweet practices that pack a huge punch and we’ll have you waltzing through the holiday season and beyond without falling in a heap. And without having a nervous breakdown just as the new year dawns.

It’s not about adding things to your to-do list, it’s about small incremental changes to the way you see or do things.

Start 2013 fully fueled, knowing how to be kind to yourself as well as to those you love and care for.

You’ve nothing to lose but the frazzlement and that big stick you’ve been beating yourself over the head with for years.

I’ve opened up the Self-Kindness Project for registrations – we begin Wednesday 14 November (which means we’ll be done and you’ll be feeling fuller before Thanksgiving…)

For all the details, and to register, click here now. You can get in and start making connections immediately!

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Káren Wallace is passionate about women having the most luscious, real experience of their life – a life they love. She is known for her ability to break down the complex into easily digestible morsels, easily savoured but with long-lasting and often life-changing results.

When she’s not coaching, writing, or editing The Calm Space, you may find Káren dreaming of a big family Christmas on her back verandah, surrounded by family and friends, fairy lights and the glimmer of candlelight.

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