Healing the Money Madness

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I have the distinct honour of introducing Nona Jordan as our guest writer today. More about Nona below.

Let’s be honest about money.

Many among us carry a tremendous amount of shame, fear, and all-out resistance around money. We don’t talk about money in polite company, and many intelligent and amazing women go to great lengths not to think about it or deal with it at all.

Alternatively, there are those who become obsessed (in the worst kind of “I’m going to control myself” kind of way) and decide to create a very strict budget which feels like sheer hell and more often than not, gets abandoned – like coming off a Grapefruit Diet.

And whether you fall into the “ignore” or the “obsess” camp with your cash flow, it is likely that you worry about money and have thought to yourself on occasion, “There is not enough money…” with an anxious clutching in your stomach.

Especially – and I mean ESPECIALLY – as the holidays approach.

This year, I want to empower you to relate to money differently.

  • No more guilt spending because you have to – or your family has ‘always done the holidays this way.’
  • No more growing pile of debt to finance trips, outings, and gifts that weren’t your idea.
  • No more grouchy shopping trips and astonished horror looking at the bank and credit card statements wondering what happened.

I believe that you can choose a way of working with your money that feels absolutely authentic to you and what you most deeply desire; a way of relating to money that feels peaceful and empowered, not just during the holidays, but every darn day of the year.

This is your time – time to heal the money madness in your life. If you are tired of struggling or simply feeling anxious about money, I invite you to make a commitment to doing it differently, from this day forward.

What would you change?

If you want to meet your relationship with money courageously, start by grabbing a journal and writing down the top three things you would change about your relationship with money. Be very specific here. For example:

“I would make $20,000 per month.”
“Someone else would do all my books for me.”
“All my debt would be gone.”

How would you feel if these changes happened today?

So what WOULD it feel like if those dreams came true today? Again, be very specific about that juicy feeling you get. Imagine this happening in rich detail – taste it, smell it, take it in. What does it feel like inside your body when you visualize this change?

Write down what it feels like to have this change in your life, here and now.

This is the golden key to shifting your relationship with money.

That amazing feeling-state you envisioned is a golden key to healing your relationship with money and approaching it differently. The changes that you want would be awesome to have, but the feeling state they would produce is what you are REALLY after. Fortunately, the feeling is available to you now (as you just experienced), and it can take you closer to aligning your actions with your desires.

You are getting warmer.

Every decision you make around spending or saving your money takes you closer to – or further away from – that desired feeling. Ideally, you will bring a deep and loving sense of relaxed awareness to the choices you make when you spend your money, noting whether or not there are hints of that ideal feeling state. To align your actions with what you really want, follow the ideal feeling.

Simple, but not easy… you have to feel it all the way through.

Sometimes it can seem like something you are going to spend your money on will bring you that ideal feeling state (oooh, the 12th pair of black Prada shoes!!) – but if you don’t have the cash, and you use credit, how are you going to feel when you get the credit card bill and need to pay it? The way you spend your money has to elicit that positive feeling state before, during AND after you spend the money.

There are no exceptions to becoming aware.

You must pause and feel the purchase all the way through to the end to determine the result. So this month, I invite you to ask yourself one question every time you are about to spend money:

“Will spending my money on this elicit some level of the feeling I want before, during, and after I spend the money?”

I invite you to bring loving awareness to asking yourself the question, and ever so gently, through awareness, you will notice that you naturally begin to align your spending with your greater desires.

In the coming weeks, I invite you to seek progress, not perfection as you bring the healing energy of positive feelings to the way you relate to (and spend) money.

About Our Guest Contributor

I am Nona Jordan. If you feel queasy about the business and financial part of your venture, it’s time to heal your relationship with money and create the legacy you truly desire.

I’m the Business Yogini: a CPA, yoga teacher, energy worker, and entrepreneurial money coach. What that means is that I rock at helping coaches, healing practitioners, and creatives like you heal your relationship with money on all levels while you build and hone your business savvy to become financially empowered.

You are worth every penny, and a whole lot more.

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6 Responses to “Healing the Money Madness”
  1. Anne Maybus says:

    Are you reading my mind?? Keep doing it! Thank you for your post, Nona.

  2. Thank you, Nona. I’ve never looked at money this way before. Following the peaceful, good feeling takes the depravation out of not buying more stuff, and makes it desirable. When buying something moves me closer to that peaceful feeling, then there is no guilt or stress.

    Gives me hope!

  3. Maree says:

    I really enjoyed your article Nona. Thank you. I have been an accredited Financial Counsellor for many years and the amount of shame people have about money never ceases to amaze me.

    We need to talk about money more often.