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A hugely warm welcome to our pages today to Martine Brennan. More about Martine below.

I like routine.
I like order.
I like to duck out of the routine sometimes.
But I like order.
It makes me feel safe.
Then change comes and tips over the tidy basket of my life.
Change is going on all the time.
Quietly, like seeds in the ground.
Loudly, like sudden death.
Then I remember that life is more like surfing a great wave.
Peaks and troughs…
Times of perfect balance,
And times of crashing down in a terrifying free fall…
Even when I forget,
there is a still place inside me.
And though I forget, this still place sustains me,
this place of my inner knowing.
She knows that no matter what happens in my life,
I have the resources to handle what comes.
She knows that I will grow and expand to meet life’s challenges.
All I need to do is keep coming back to the still place…
To be restored.

image credit: Don Kennedy

About our Guest Contributor

Martine Brennan is the author of Happiness, it’s just a habit.
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