What Foods Does Your Relationship Need Today?

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The theme of Nourish this month really got me thinking about how to feed our relationships.  And no, I’m not going all MasterChef on you all, dear readers.  There will be no recipes, time clocks, or plating up, happening here!

I confess that when I see each month’s theme, I just trust that my brain will go where it needs, to enable me to write.  Of course, that’s assuming that what flows off the fingertips is something valuable with which we’ll all be able to reflect on our relationships.

And yes, that does include me!  Part of the joy of writing about relationships is the opportunity to bring freshness to my own marriage, along with getting you thinking as well.

The solution to how to talk about food for our relationships popped into my head thanks to a visit from Miss 3, our Gorgeous Granddaughter.  She wanted Milo in her milk and so we had a lengthy (and perilously confusing!) chat about “sometimes foods” and “everyday foods”!  (Yes I confess the words “because Oma said!” were the eventual reason for why she couldn’t have the aforementioned chocolate flavouring!)  But I digress …

But thanks to GG, I realized our relationships need Everyday Foods well-garnished to improve the flavour.  They also need some Sometimes Foods to make our hearts sing, our souls fill, and our eyes sparkle with excitement.

Pink Apple’s Well Balanced Diet for Healthy Relationships

A relationship has a healthy lifestyle when it’s sustained by a daily diet of:

  • love: of course (not much point if that’s not there!)
  • appreciation: of our partner’s qualities and contribution
  • trust: so that we can safely take the risk to be vulnerable and real
  • communication: as a means of intimacy (really it’s allowing our partner into-me-see)
  • honesty: because my partner deserves the real me, including parts I think are flawed and unlovable
  • respect: to demonstrate our acceptance of that honesty they offer
  • forgiveness: to show our acceptance of the true humanness of this person we love
  • time: because ALL relationships dry up without the lubrication of focused attention
  • affection: expressed in ways that our partner recognizes for what it is
  • touch: because a sexual relationship can’t begin to flourish in the absence of touch

Some of the delicacies that need to be added to your diet as Sometimes foods include:

  • courage: to face adversities that impact on any of the family
  • silence: well chosen for the sake of love and the relationship
  • belief: in the potential and capacity your partner has to grow
  • sex: as another means of communication unique to the two of you
  • dreams: shared, to help you both stay motivated and willing to soar

What Kinds Of Nourishing Choices Do You Make?

So which food for your relationship do you find easiest to use as an everyday food?

What about that  other one?  That one in the list that made you feel a little uncomfortable and squirmy (or maybe even a little guilty)?  How might you introduce that back into your daily diet?

And those Special Foods?  Which one of those could your relationship do with right now, and how much of it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and definitely any additions. You can comment just below.

Till next month…

Keep loving

About Our Relationship Space Writer

Aussie-based Chris Owen, of Pink Apple, is a Marriage Mentor who helps couples refashion their ordinary marriages into Joy-Filled Marriages that Last a Lifetime.  While she waits for her new website to be ready, she can be found on Facebook sharing lots of useful, and sometimes amusing, resources for couples.

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