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I am deep in the preparations for the opening of Calm Space Salon tomorrow. An intimate, beautiful group of women are converging on this space, and it’s truly going to be luscious!

It’s not too late to join us! We’ll hold the door ajar for you for just a wee while longer…

Today, I’d like to address a few questions I’ve received, as well as announce both a 3-pay option AND 3 scholarship opportunities! Read on for full details:

1. What will it be REALLY like, in the Salon this season?

Imagine sitting in a room where beautiful beeswax candles cast a soft glow, there’s heavenly music playing in the background – not too loud, not too soft – there are chairs scattered around the room with plump cushions just right for intimate conversations, or simply sitting deep in thought. The women in the space are connecting, hugging, laughing, or deep in conversation.  They drift in and out as time and commitments permit, but are never too long between visits, for this place fuels them.

The sense of support and community is so very strong here, you can feel it as you walk through the door. It fills you with a sense of belonging, of not being alone in what you are going through, and friendships are being forged.

There’s a series of thoughtful invitations to think, to dream, to delve deep and uncover what was lost in the busyness and rush of everyday responsibilities. Some think better alone, others do it best in conversation, so both are available.

Imagine time and space to intensely explore your relationship with desire and what your heart longs for. And to be supported as you do so. Imagine access to someone who’s walking this path with you – sometimes right beside you, sometimes just ahead – encouraging you on. Someone who is lighting the way with her words, her heart, her love for you, and most of all – her ability to see your radiant future and hold it gently as you begin to believe in it. With her vision and true seeing of you, imagine beginning to trust that this magnificence is truly achievable.

Imagine a group of women who will dance with you, cry for you, support you without reservation, and above all – believe in you.

Imagine this space. It’s here for you. Please, join us – I’d love to welcome you in.

2. What if I get in there, and find it’s not for me?

I forgot to tell you about the guarantee. It’s simple. If at any stage you’ve participated, you’ve listened, and you’re just not feeling it – email me and I’ll refund your money. I will ask if you’ve fully shown up for yourself, because that’s what this is all about. But, as long as you have, I do get that sometimes we just wont resonate. 100% guaranteed. So, there’s no risk in your decision. The only risk is in missing out if you don’t make that decision. And we start Monday!

3. Can I pay by the month?

Due to popular request, I’ve done some technical magic so you can pay by the month! Some of the process will be manual (so you may notice a delay between registering and being sent the access details) but I am happy to announce that you can now join the Salon for three equal monthly payments of $33! Here’s the button to do that:

 4. I live in London/Vancouver/Auckland/Florence. Is this right for me?

Oh honey. Firstly, if you live in Florence, do you have a spare bed? ;)

Calm Space Salon is a virtual space, and we are welcoming women from around the world. I am in Australia, but the Calm Space Salon is truly international in flavour, thanks to the wonders of technology. The platform we’re using to deliver the content to you asks for your timezone when you register, and then knows what day of the week it is in your part of the world. Eventually, I’d love to do in-person stuff where you either come to my little bit of paradise, or I come to yours – but for now, we’ll meet virtually and over the phone/internet.

Our calls together will be scheduled in the coming week, and I will be paying close attention to timezones to make sure you can attend at least 2 out of 4 in order to have the opportunity to be coached in real time, when it’s not the middle of the night where you are. All calls will also be recorded so you can listen when you have time (and if you cannot make the call, you can submit your questions ahead of time).

I have plans to make Calm Space Salon a true multi-sensory experience, with goodies shipped to you to enhance your experience. The timing on this looks like the second season of the Salon, but you just never know – it could happen earlier. <grin>

5. I am so not a “forum” person. So I’m not sure I’d get anything out of the Salon.

Oooh, now this is a juicy comment! First – let me reassure you, there are NO forums! {I’m resistant to forums myself.} The technology platform we’re using allows comments and conversation, basically like a blog with bells. You can upload videos and pictures if you wish, share what’s going on with you, but in a very different place to a forum, and all guided by me. My intention is to create a very safe space for community and conversation {similar to what we created in the recent Loving Self Project}, free of judgement and full of caring and respect.

However, you will get more than your money’s worth simply by reading, doing, and being present at the Salon, even if you wish to remain silent. The key is to show up fully for your self.

6. You’ve given scholarships to your programs in the past. Are you doing that this time?

Great question! Yes, I am giving scholarships this time.

For me, giving scholarships is a way of showing gratitude and giving back. For the inaugural Season of Calm Space Salon, I am offering three scholarships.

One full scholarship for someone who would not otherwise be able to join due to financial constraints. If this is you, I invite you to send me an email letting me know – in brief! – your situation, and why you think being a member of Calm Space Salon would help you. The winner of this scholarship will be expected to participate fully and enthusiastically. Your name will not be made public.

Two part scholarships for enthusiastic women who are keen to be involved. These scholarships will be offered at 50% off the cost of membership. To apply for one of the part scholarships, please send me an email telling me why you are eager to join Calm Space Salon’s Season of Desire, and what it would mean to you to be involved. Your name may be kept private upon request.

This is a very quick process. If you know you’d like one of these spots, go now and send me that email {}. I will select and notify the recipients of these three scholarships personally on Tuesday morning (my time). Every submission will be acknowledged. The deadlines for submission are:

PST – 6pm Monday 17th

ET – 9pm Monday 17th

London – 2am Tuesday 18th

Tel Aviv – 4am Tuesday 18th

Sydney – 11am Tuesday 18th

Final Words

When you make a commitment to show up for yourself, miracles can – and do – happen.

Our inaugural season of Calm Space Salon will focus on tapping into the desires of your soul that you’ve squished down, buried under layers of responsibilities and obligations, damped under a blanket of busyness. But we’ll also have enduring features that will flow from season to season. Each portion, each action or thought or moment, has been carefully crafted just for you. It is based on what works. It is built upon years of experience coaching women to live deliberate, luscious lives. It’s here for you now.

Image credit: Neil Sequeira

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