Do you Know Your Deepest Desires?

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We have longings that make our heart ache.

We long to be truly seen.

We long to reconnect to our deepest desires.

Desire is fuel for the soul.

Desire turns us on.

It gives us energy and enthusiasm and a zest for living.

What is it your heart desires?

Deep in your secret places, the places you hide

from the light, what is it you’re longing for?

In polite society, certainly in the ‘society’ I have lived in, it’s not always appropriate to talk about the raw, messy, glorious inner desires we all harbour.

We squish them down. We bury them deep, covering them over with busyness and obligation and expectations.

Until one day when we realise we don’t even know what they are anymore.

It’s hard to remember what we longed for, when our brain is filled with the career, the car pool, the mortgage, and clean knickers for tomorrow.

What are you passionate about?

Truly, deeply, almost lustfully passionate about?

We get together with our sisters and our girlfriends, and we talk around the edges of desire. We talk about the kids, the career, the men, the holiday plans, and the organic veggie delivery service we cannot live without. Sometimes we get to talking about faith, hope, and love.

But there’s a longing for deeper, more real conversations about the stuff that makes us, well, us.

We long to bypass the fripperies and pleasantries and get to the messy, glorious, meaty – and sometimes shocking – truth of what turns us on. Because in the connection we can discover anew what that is.

It takes Time. It takes Safety and Trust. It takes Deep Connection.

It can often take a guiding hand to gently steer your thoughts to fertile ground.

I’ve spent so much of the last 15 years on this journey of discovery. Uncovering what turns me on. Bringing the elements to light that nourish my passionate life. Learning to enjoy and relish every single morsel – combining the glorious highs with the lowest of lows. And not just surviving – thriving! And helping my clients do the same. The keys are two-fold. Connection. And Desire.

Let me ask again:

Do you know what your heart desires?

I am gathering together an intimate group of women in a safe, nurturing space to explore the notion of desire.

Three months of soul deep connections. Intimate inspirations. Heart-opening moments.

Discover a life filled with what your heart and soul want, even if you don’t know yet what that is.

I’d be honoured if you took a look, to see if this is something that speaks to your soul. We start this Monday, 17th September 2012. Consider this your personal invitation, with my love.

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Káren xxx

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Presented by Káren Wallace

With the deepest love and gratitude for you xxx

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