Your Mind-Body Contract is Up for Renewal. {Immediate Action Required.}

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A huge warm welcome to Gini Martinez today. More about Gini below.

As I was contemplating this month’s theme of renewal, what came up for me is renewing the contract we have with our body to work in partnership so we can maintain ourselves as strong, flexible and balanced beings throughout our lives.

What’s that you say? You don’t remember making any such contract? Aha! Well, guess what. You are not alone. Also, it was an unspoken contract {which is probably why you’ve allowed yours to lapse}. Not to worry, though. I’ll walk you through the benefits of having such a contract and how easy it is to honor it {to honor yourself}.

What’s your stake in the contract?

Take your shoulders, for example. If you’re like most people, you hold a lot of tension in your shoulders and probably have a difficult time keeping them back and down. Wearing your tight shoulders as earrings is the opposite of being flexible and balanced. {And a sign you haven’t been holding up your end of the contract.}

The number one requisite of honoring what I’ll call the Mind-Body Contract is taking an interest in your body. Are you interested in your shoulders? Does their ability to be relaxed, open, and flexible matter to you? If yes, then read on.

A little touch goes a long way.

Have you ever touched the bones of your shoulder girdle? Can you describe the shape of them? Well then, you’re about to get your chance. There are three bones that comprise what is know as your shoulder girdle: Scapula {shoulder blade}, Clavicle {collar bone}, and Humerus {upper arm bone}. For this exercise, we’re going to feel up your Clavicle.

  1. Take a moment to notice how you’re carrying your shoulders right now. Are they rounded forward? Raised up? Tight? Balanced?
  2. Take your right hand and find your left clavicle {collar bone}. Walk your fingers along the length of it, in towards your breast bone and all the way out towards your arm. Walk your fingers back and forth, stopping to gently massage it and feel the shape of it. Is it a thin bone? Is it straight or curved? Run your fingers along the top, in front and underneath {if you can}.
  3. If you shrug your left shoulder up and down, does your clavicle move? Where can you feel the movement the easiest? Towards your breastbone or your arm? What happens to your clavicle if you circle your shoulder around? Can you breathe and explore your clavicle at the same time?
  4. Check back in and notice your shoulders again. Notice if your left shoulder feels different than your right. Your left shoulder might feel more open, relaxed or lower than your right one. Slowly raise your left arm overhead and then lower it back down. Do the same with your right and compare the quality of the movement on each side. The left might be more fluid and relaxed. Raising your left arm might feel easier and you may have more range of motion.

You might articulate the positive differences in your own way, but it’s highly likely you’re experiencing your left shoulder in a new and improved way. And wasn’t that easy? All it took was a little hands on attention to coax a little improved function out of your body. That’s the contract! You take time to become more aware of your body and it will reward you with a renewed feeling of less tension, more balance and ease.

What just happened?

There are nerve endings in your skin that, when touched, send information back to your brain. The more information your brain has about your shoulder, the more control it has over your shoulder. You can instantly reorganize the joints and coordinate the muscles of your shoulder just by mindfully touching your clavicle.

Make sure you balance yourself out by repeating steps two-four on the right side. And how about a mental fist bump to your body signaling your renewed commitment to this mutually beneficial contract?

What did you notice after getting to know your left clavicle? Sometimes it’s difficult to describe the new sensations and hearing {or reading} what you experience can be helpful for others to put words to what they’re feeling, so please share.

About Our Guest Contributor

Gini Martinez is an Embodiment Teacher and owner at Rock What’s Yours. She specializes in teaching goal oriented individuals how to engage their mind & body intelligently so they’re able to show up as their best selves and perform at their highest level at any given moment.

Gini is a former dancer. She has taught Pilates and somatic movement for 15 years and is trained as a Franklin Method® Instructor. As a busy wife, mother {to 3 boys}, and business owner, Gini experiences the necessity to stay grounded, centered, and flexible on a daily basis and enjoys teaching all those willing to show up and do the work how to do the same. She considers herself a Warrior Advocate.


6 Responses to “Your Mind-Body Contract is Up for Renewal. {Immediate Action Required.}”
  1. Rachel says:

    Wow! That really worked. It’s amazing how just a small amount of effort- and just a handful seconds- really can make a difference! I noticed a huge difference in the mobility of my right and left arms after the first part of the exercise. And I have to say, my clavicle liked being felt up!

    I like the concept of the mind-body contract. We need to hold up our end of the bargain (noticing & taking good care) so our bodies can hold up their’s (getting us around & serving our earthly pursuits)!

  2. Chris Owen says:

    Wowsers what an effective and active post that was.
    Thanks Gini and welcome to The Calm Space
    Enjoyed that immensely
    Cheers Chris

    • So glad you benefitted from the post, Chris. {Here’s a Gold Star for taking action.}

      Thank you for the warm welcome and I look forward to meeting more of The Calm Space community!


  3. Anne Maybus says:

    Hi Gini. Welcome to The Calm Space. My shoulders love you. :)