The Bliss Body and You

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I believe that pleasure is our birthright. To truly allow yourself to drop into your body and give yourself over to your senses, to embrace a felt experience of the world, and to recognise the sacredness of your flesh… this for me is the bliss body – our gateway to pleasure.

It seems to me that words and the stories that we tell ourselves are part of the reason why we become so disconnected with our bodies, and why pleasure becomes something with which we’re only occasionally acquainted. So, it stands to reason that words are also our route home – they can guide us back into relationship with the body.

It was with this in mind that I wrote Words to Guide You Home – Hymns to the Bliss Body. It’s composed of 20 prose poems, each lovingly crafted to help you to connect to the bliss body and awaken your senses. I’m sharing one of them with you today – I really hope you love it. From my heart to yours…


Scraps of to do lists, should do lists and probably should have already done lists filter through my mind. I grab their tails as they fly past, caught in an updraft of thought and fabrication, worry and, of course, regret. Caught up in stories of self for days at a time, I lose definition – I lose feeling and form. I fly free from the confines of flesh, and forget…

Reintroduced to my body, one cell at a time, I am reminded that this dream called life is a physical thing. A tangible, tactile, sensual celebration. This earthly envelope is my home – it’s my medium, my means to experience bliss, pleasure, divine feeling as it spreads throughout torso and limb, touching each vertebrae, stroking each rib. I release my attachment to my stories and return home.

About Our Guest Contributor

I’m Amy Palko and I’m a soul writer, intuitive, goddess guide and a knitter of soulskins. I write stories about goddesses and full moons, and I provide goddess guidance on a daily basis to my beautiful group of ladies – serving, supporting, comforting & connecting them to their goddess selves is the highlight of every day. Words to Guide You Home – Hymns to the Bliss Body, my newest offering, is available to purchase now.


3 Responses to “The Bliss Body and You”
  1. Chris Owen says:

    LOVE both poem and image Amy!
    Lovely to have you visiting here again!!

  2. Amy Palko says:

    Aw, it’s a pleasure to be back, Chris!

  3. Julie Daley says:

    Lovely, Amy. As a reader of your new book, I can testify to its sensuality and wisdom.