Seeking Our Own Calm and Serenity

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Since The Calm Space commenced in August 2007 we’ve had 29 Spaces, 20 regular contributors, untold special guest contributors, 650 posts and thousands of comments!

I have appreciated every post, every writer, every guest, and every single comment. I’ve been filled with hope and at times overwhelmed with the love and beauty that flows through this simple online space.

Each contributor, each guest, and most importantly each reader – especially you – are precious to me. For without you, there would be no Calm Space.

And you may have guessed that my words are leading up to an announcement.

They are.

When enthusiasm wanes, it can become easy to keep going simply because you don’t want to hurt feelings or let anyone down. Especially those who have been our champions over the past four and a half years.

But there comes a time when it is kinder to call timeout than to continue without enthusiasm.

There comes a time when we need to seek our own serenity and rekindle the fire once more.

And so it is with mixed feelings of gratitude, sadness, and a sense of hope, that I am putting The Calm Space into a holding pattern for 6 months.

All the content will remain, but no new content will be published between now and October 2012.

If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll be given options in the next few days :)

In addition, I know each of our magnificent writers will warmly welcome you at their place – you can find links to their sites on the About Us page, and also at the bottom of each of their (more recent) posts. Let them know where you found them!

Before I sign off, I’d like to give a huge shout-out to our regular contributors from inception to now. Thank you Chris, Angela, Annie, Anne, Vitania, Carla, Linda, Leah, Marc, Grant, Joanna, Joanne, Bo, Janice, Marjorie, Miki, Dee, Amy, and Joanne. I have treasured every single one of your posts, your support, your encouragement, and your patience :)

In the meantime, you will find me exploring more about the value of filling your well, trusting your own voice, and transforming your life into one of lusciousness and love at

See you in October.

From my heart to yours with love, Káren xx

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14 Responses to “Seeking Our Own Calm and Serenity”
  1. Chris Owen says:

    Hi Karen
    This must have been a difficult decison to come to.
    What I hear here is that, like many things, Calm Space has reached a plateau in its evolution and it needs some time to stop and see where to go next!
    These plateaus in life need to be honoured and I love that honouring is what you are doing for The Calm Space.
    When I look back at the journey it’s had many contributions and some wonderful people joining us on the path.
    There have been some amazing insightful words shared here, by you, by contributors, and by commenters. There have been some aha moments both for me as reader and as writer. I am entirely grateful that the Calm Space existed to facilitate those moments.
    Whether The Calm Space moves on from this plateau or quietly finishes, or evolves into something else, it has already achieved a massive amount.
    You need to take credit for the kind of crucible into which have been invited beautiful thoughts, words, and people.
    All i can say is Congratulations my friend! And well done!
    Chris xxx

  2. Chris – thank you my friend! Honouring the plateau – yes, love how you frame this. Bowing deeply in your direction, with love and gratitude.


  3. I wish I had discovered this beautiful space much earlier than I did. Every article I’ve read has been a blessing and I want to thank you for the sanctuary you created here. Much love.

    • Thank you Pamela. There’s a lot here for you to explore – and who knows what will happen in October :) I appreciate you and your presence here so much. Kxx

  4. Dee says:

    Hi Karen
    I echo every word and sentiment of Chris’ (Bless you Chris, you always do put things so much better than I can :)).

    It has been both an honour and a joy to have been involved in your heart project, and I too have travelled a wonderful journey I could never have imagined.

    I am so grateful to you, to all the writers and readers for the sense of belonging, love and appreciation. You truly have created something so beautiful, and I know you’ll be back (and I look forward to it!)

    Much love to you & yours
    Dee:) x

    • hello Dee! Thank you, beautiful lady for your lovely words. I treasured your contributions to The Calm Space over the years, and it was always such a pleasure to have you here. Do keep in touch! Much love right back, Kxx

    • Chris Owen says:

      Thanks Dee but I suspect you’re seriously underselling yourself there!!! You don’t get to write on Calm Space without writing well. I think it’s always been one of Karen’s unspoken criteria!!

      And I know I have met new people thanks to Calm Space and I have introduced new people too. Blessings all round

      Hugs Chris

  5. Joyce M says:

    I have discovered your site recently and sadly, sorry, to hear that you need a time out. I understand this feeling though. Often I feel this way. Thank you. You have been very special to me. Strangers do care about each other. We are like a drop of water out of the ocean. Enjoyed your blog! I will think of you often.
    Joyce M

    • Thank you Joyce! I appreciate your understanding, and your wishes. Strangers do care about each other – but I like to think there are no strangers here, only friends we haven’t met yet. So my gratitude and thanks, my friend. xx

  6. Anne Maybus says:

    I am pining for this site. I miss it as an outlet for my writing but even more, I miss it for the wonderful stories, articles, reflections and images here. I hope you have found your serenity Karen.xx

  7. It is never easy to make this kind of decision, especially when you feel that you may hurt feelings in the process. But being kind to others begins with being kind to yourself, and that is what you are doing now. This is good!

    My sentiments will echo those of everyone else here: Thank you, Karen, for providing both writers and readers with this space here to connect, counsel, calm, and converse. It truly has been an “oasis,” a “spa for the mind.” Whatever incarnations it takes next will be a delight to see.

    Sending love and confidence that “all will be well and all will be well and all manner of things will be well.”