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Spiritual confidence got me thinking for this month I must say! I guess the first thing I considered was how would you know that you had spiritual confidence?

If you are regurgitating what your family or your race or your religion have dictated all your life, I’m sure you feel confident on some level about your beliefs.

However, I would suggest that If you have gained your own knowledge by reading widely and talking to many other people, and have decided for yourself what constitutes your spiritual belief, you could be said to be spiritually ‘confident’ on a whole ‘nuther level.

To be spiritually confident means that you don’t feel any need whatsoever to convince other people that yours is the one and only belief. I’m picturing a quiet confidence here, not desperate arguments to sway others to your way of thinking. What does it matter what other people believe if it is not hurting you?

The spiritual journey is by its nature, a very personal one. It is not necessary for anyone else to take the trip with you. Your relationship with your God is very intimate and can’t be shared. Even though it is nice to chat with people of similar beliefs, they are never exactly the same as yours.

Confidence in any circumstance in your life comes from a quiet ‘knowing’. It is no different with spirituality. If you ‘know’ God, rather than know about God, you can be quietly confident and therefore, peaceful.

Love, peace and wisdom

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Annie Hutton‘s life is spent in the pursuit of self development through spiritual connection, reading, speaking with like minds, meditation, courses, etc. learning as much as possible from traditional and modern wisdom – the Enneagram, chakra energies, Frederick Bailes, Lao Tzu and many more.

Annie has enormous respect for the wonderful potential of every person who, given the information and space, can find their own way by exercising their mind, heart and soul. She shares ways to find your bliss in the every day.


2 Responses to “Spiritual Confidence”
  1. Annie, you took the words right out of my mouth with these thoughts!

    When I was still a child, my sister, (thirteen years older than me) and my brother-in-law became extremely religous. They debated and argued with my parents constantly, trying to “convert” them. From my bedroom I would hear the arguments, which I still find disturbing when I think about it, although after so many years have passed by, I have realised that spiritual beliefs are a very personal thing. They don’t need to be shared, you don’t have to convince anyone that you are right and you should feel comfortable with your own beliefs.

    I’ve discovered that being comfortable with your own spiritual beliefs is all that really matters. And yes, it does give you confidence.

  2. Annie says:

    Good morning lovely Joanne!
    Yep, it just doesn’t look right, sound right, feel right does it when it all seems confrontational and difficult? It’s wonderful to ‘know’ that your beliefs are right for you and your personal relationship with Source. Wouldn’t it be terrific if we all just did that!