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Can you remember this time last year?

How did you feel when the clock struck midnight to herald in 2011?

There is something about this time of year. I’ve always felt that holiday time, with all its celebrations and good cheer, should be a time of great joy, love, laughter, and enthusiasm.

But somewhere along the way, life intervenes.  As the end of the year draws nigh and Santa arrives in every large store in town, we’re just as likely to freak out as relish all the additional activities this season requires of us.

I’ve friends who buy a plane ticket and escape somewhere overseas to get out of having to ‘do’ Christmas.

And I’ve a client who last year didn’t get out of bed on Boxing Day – nor for 5 days after – she was so shattered from ‘doing’ Christmas.

No matter your religion or what the holidays consist of for you, there are those obligations and family expectations to handle.

And a shortage of kindness for you (from you).

Sometimes, you’d just love to say Yes to yourself (even just a little) at this time of year.

Without drama, without fuss, without guilt.


Introducing Self-Kindness:

Special Holiday Edition!


My signature Self-Kindness course, specially tweaked to get you fueled and ready to tackle the holidays with more energy than you thought possible.

Join us for five days where you will learn:

  • to top up your tank so you never run dry again (and avoid those embarrassing break-downs)
  • to take action and get things done when you’d rather just curl up and sleep
  • where to look for permission to take care of yourself and where not to
  • how to boost your energy and put pep in your step without overdosing on caffeine
  • how to get a fresh surge of enthusiasm for your life, and the holidays in particular

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete


Imagine getting to New Year’s Eve this year and feeling great!

Imagine taking moments to shower yourself with the same kindness and care that you show everyone else.

I want that for you so much.

You know that peace and joy aren’t simply holiday card platitudes. It is time to turn things around and gently claim them for yourself!

And because you love your friends (and their support is invaluable), please share this with them and encourage them to join in. It’ll be so much fun for you to experience this together! (And you’ll both feel more like partying like it’s 1999… ;-)

So how does this work?

  • Commencing Thursday 1st December
  • Five days with simple actions for you to complete. Each action is straightforward, and won’t take much time. I know you’re busy.
  • Community and conversation around each of the five small steps is built in! So if you need inspiration or help, or have an experience you’d love to share – you’ll get it, and more! Some say this is one of the best bits of the whole experience.
  • Practical. Down-to-earth. Do-able. No matter where you’re coming from.
  • Your coach (that’d be me:) online each day – I’ll be roaming the virtual halls, spreading support and clarity wherever it’s needed. I’ll be your cheerleader, your guide, your mentor.

Because I know how busy you are, we’re going to keep this quick and simple. (That’s one of my signature strengths :)

Is it time you started to fuel yourself whenever you

need, and learn how to always take the kind way?

Learn simple, effective action steps that will take you towards a life where your cup is overflowing with love, appreciation and caring, without having to rely on anyone else.

Why learn it with me?

Here’s what some of the participants of my previous courses had to say:

“The course marked a huge turning point for me. It forced me to slow down. It gave me the perfect ‘excuse’ to do things that I know are a good idea but I wasn’t making the time for, and it gave me the chance to try things that I hadn’t done previously – put new ‘tools’ in my toolbox.

I am slowing down more, which is HUGE. I am realizing more and more how important it is to take care of myself vs. push, push, push. I am pushing much, much less and people are noticing the difference in me.”

Lisa Gillispie – Anatomy Conversations

“The structure of the recent Self-Kindness Challenge provided me with the motivation to stop my usual routine and take the time to think about the questions being asked and the ideas being shared. I liked that this is something for ME in amongst all the daily stuff for all those I care for.

“It was written in Karen’s wonderfully familiar and warm style (unlike other comparatively cold and distant examples of material from other sites, in books, etc) which encourages the sharing and disclosure we saw within the Challenge.”

Sarah Waldin –

“I loved the Self-Kindness Challenge! I learned a lot about myself, and how important it is to take care of myself. Everyone can benefit from these challenges. I enjoyed the forums with everyone talking about what works for them, and giving encouragement and advice to each other. I think that was my favourite part, but I really liked it all.

“I learned to look in the mirror and say “I love you”, and really mean it. To me that says it all. Thank you, Karen.”

Patricia Mosier

“The recent Self-Kindness Challenge was a wonderful, open environment to discuss taking care of ourselves. Seeing other people open up about their feelings about the challenge made it much easier for me to tackle my own challenges! Can you have it last 6 months?

“Thank you for your gentle nudging and feedback. You’re an angel.”

Cathy Franck

Doing just one simple step each day can have a big effect. In five days, you will be feeling so. much. better.

I truly hope you will join me.

love, Káren xx

Is it time you showed yourself a little kindness?


UPDATE DECEMBER 2011: Registration for the Special Holiday Edition of Self-Kindness is now closed. Please register for our mailing list over there to the right to be first in the know for future courses. 

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