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When was the last time you felt really loved, cherished, nurtured?


If you’re not feeling valued, cared for, or nourished – you’re not alone.

It’s so hard to imagine being loved, cared for, and appreciated when all we do is give, give, give. It seems like we’re always filling everyone else’s tank to overflowing and looking after the needs of those we love. And our warning light for low fuel is constantly on.

What do you do when the warning light comes on in your car telling you you’ve only a small amount of petrol left in the tank? Hopefully, you pull into the nearest petrol station and fill ‘er up. Because the alternative is too embarrassing to contemplate.

Not so easy when it’s your own soul-tank that’s sounding echo-y.

What do you do when you’ve got nothing left to give, and those you love are looking to you for their usual sustenance?

You could fall in a heap (and I’m sure it’s happened if this is a pattern of yours).

Or you could learn how to top up your own tank without checking in to a health spa for a month.

Want to learn the secret?

You don’t need to wait for anyone else. You can refuel your own soul-tank.

Join me for five days where you will learn to:

  • never run on empty again
  • stop the cycle of illness or injury
  • be less needy and more confident
  • love yourself in a positive, healthy way
  • top up your tank so you’ve always got enough to give to those you love
  • walk taller and make stronger decisions
  • attract more love and affection, nurture and appreciation!

So how does this work?

  • Commencing Thursday 13th October.
  • You’ll receive an email first thing each morning in your time zone. It will contain a simple action for you to complete. Each action is straightforward, and won’t take much time. I know you’re busy.
  • Community and conversation around each of the five small steps is built in! So if you’re having trouble, need help or have an experience you’d love to share – you’ll get it, and more! Some say this is one of the best bits of the whole experience!
  • Practical. Down-to-earth. Do-able. No matter where you’re coming from.
  • Your coach (that’d be me:) online each day – I’ll be roaming the virtual halls, spreading support, inspiration and clarity wherever it’s needed. I’ll be your cheerleader, your guide, your mentor.

Isn’t it time you started to fill your own soul tank and learned to feel nourished?

Register Now*


Learn simple, effective action steps that will take you towards a life where your cup is overflowing with love, appreciation and caring, without relying on anyone else.

Why learn it with me?

Here’s what some of the participants of my last challenge had to say:

“The structure of the recent Self-Kindness Challenge provided me with the motivation to stop my usual routine and take the time to think about the questions being asked and the ideas being shared. I liked that this is something for ME in amongst all the daily stuff for all those I care for.

“It was written in Karen’s wonderfully familiar and warm style (unlike other comparatively cold and distant examples of material from other sites, in books, etc) which encourages the sharing and disclosure we saw within the Challenge.”

Sarah Waldin –

“I loved the Self-Kindness Challenge! I learned a lot about myself, and how important it is to take care of myself. Everyone can benefit from these challenges. I enjoyed the forums with everyone talking about what works for them, and giving encouragement and advice to each other. I think that was my favourite part, but I really liked it all.

“I learned to look in the mirror and say “I love you”, and really mean it. To me that says it all. Thank you, Karen.”

Patricia Mosier

“The recent Self-Kindness Challenge was a wonderful, open environment to discuss taking care of ourselves. Seeing other people open up about their feelings about the challenge made it much easier for me to tackle my own challenges! Can you have it last 6 months?

“Thank you for your gentle nudging and feedback. You’re an angel.”

Cathy Franck

Doing just one simple step each day can have a big effect. In five days, you will be feeling so. much. better.

I truly hope you will join me.

love, Káren xx

*P.S. I’ve deliberately priced this so that it’s easy to say “yes” to yourself! Honey, you deserve to feel loved, cared for, nurtured. I so want that for you.

Update October 13th 2011:

Nourish You! is now closed to registrations.

Please join our mailing list to be amoung the first to know when the next challenge is scheduled.




2 Responses to “Nourish You! :: Your October Calm Space Challenge”
  1. pve says:

    Just like they say on the plane, you must first administer the oxygen to yourself before you can give it to any one else. I think for women, we have a hard time with this self kindness. We need to really ourselves out there first and then simply radiate that kindness –