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We are (human) Beings and it’s the ‘human’ part that often gets in our way and strives to take over our Being-ness. One of the ways God has thoughtfully provided to remind us of our Being-ness is Beauty, particularly in the natural world around us.

We have many stressors in our lives – work, other people, circumstances beyond our control – and we may experience temporary relief from stress if we look at a beautiful scene. Operative word there however was ‘temporary’. We get back into the fray and the beauty is forgotten.

My go-to-guy, Frederick Bailes suggests that we do more than appreciate Beauty. He says we must associate ourselves with the Beauty, knowing that we are part of the same Creation as that beautiful scene. He reminds us of David the shepherd who, “lying on his back entranced by the beauty of the starry heavens” did not just say “How beautiful” but rather, “The Heavens declare the glory of God and his firmament showeth His handiwork.”

This is God’s great gift to us – Beauty. I can’t even imagine a world where there was nothing Beautiful but I fear we might take it for granted since it is all around us. The pounding surf, a peaceful flowing river, a perfectly formed flower, the sweet faces of our loved ones – many beautiful things surround us.

One word of caution – let us not be too carried away by the physical beauty of other Beings. Those who dwell too much on this outer layer are in danger of becoming far too body-conscious. On the spiritual path we aim rather for Soul-consciousness. We learn to appreciate the Beauty within.

A brilliant engineer, a friend of Frederick Bailes, reconciled his scientific background with faith by picking a sweet pea and saying, “A chemist can make this fragrance synthetically. He can even tell to a certain degree the process by which the scent was developed in nature. A plastics operator can make a flower as beautiful as this. But science cannot yet make a living sweet pea. My faith rests upon the fact that this flower has a matchless Maker.”

That matchless Maker made us too. Beautiful!

Love, peace and wisdom

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