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According to that paragon of website accuracy (well mostly) – Wikipedia:

Opportunity Cost is the cost of any activity measured in terms of the best alternative forgone. It is the sacrifice related to the second best choice available to someone who has picked among several mutually exclusive choices. The notion of opportunity cost plays a crucial part in ensuring that scarce resources are used efficiently. Thus, opportunity costs are not restricted to monetary or financial costs: the real cost of output forgone, lost time, pleasure or any other benefit that provides utility should also be considered opportunity costs.

Are you scratching your head wondering what this has to do with Spirituality?

Let’s examine the concept a little. One of the reasons some of us forget to choose the Way in our everyday lives, is that we are so busy using up our scarce resources (time, energy, cognisance, life itself) choosing to do all those ‘crucial’ activities such as excessive work, arguing for our weaknesses, trying to ‘get ahead’ of the ‘others’, etc.

This means that the opportunity cost we have forgone is the Spiritual Path where we make time to just ‘BE’, let go of ego, serve God and each other, and generally glide through this life with ease and grace. Now in what Universe would this be considered the ‘second best choice’??!!

If we turn this around then, the opportunity cost of living in the moment following the Spiritual Way, is not indulging in excessive work, arguing for our weaknesses, trying to ‘get ahead’ of the ‘others’, etc. This doesn’t even sound like any kind of option, nevermind second best choice!

To choose love, peace and wisdom on a daily basis is the Way to bliss and a sense of fulfilment. Having spent too much of my own life working too hard, being tired (and therefore cranky), unforgiving, and irritated, let me mention a few of the opportunity costs we face on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual basis:

Opportunity                                Opportunity cost

Adequacy, resourcefulness             Overload, futility

Inseparable oneness                       Loss

Ease, no resistance                         Obstruction, delay

Tranquility                                        Irritation

No competition                                Hostility

Self-appreciation                             Rejection

(Thank you Frederick Bailes)

Let us choose to make the most of the opportunities God has given us this time round :)

Love, peace and wisdom

Image: Aarni Heiskanen

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