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A few years ago now, I was fortunate enough to hear the wonderful Wayne Dyer speak here in Sydney. Whilst I’d been an avid reader of his books for years prior, two things about this talk have stuck with me ever since.

First is a meme he offered which I pass on to as many people as possible. It is one that really applies to me as a Virgo (not to label myself too terribly much!). He said many things that day but what I needed to hear (and still do) and what I remember, is “Be kind, not right”.

Deceptively simple huh? “Be kind, not right”. Whilst this sentiment goes somewhat against my grain, I know it was meant for me and I know it is right (or should I say, correct / applicable / The Way). It is probably important to many of us to be right, but when this is too big a deal, we need reminding that Ego does not need to be quite so alive and well in our lives!

Much more difficult to be kind if it is not your natural gift but oh so rewarding if you can manage it! Everyday kindness includes:

  • Not correcting people (especially loved ones) on every little thing you perceive they have said incorrectly
  • Allowing someone else to shine without feeling the need to reveal your contribution
  • Putting yourself out for a friend to help them move house, write their résumé or study for an exam
  • Learning to be still and silent when someone puts you down, acknowledging that their problems must be bigger than yours
  • Saying something nice or encouraging to a colleague

Second thing I remember about Wayne that day is that he ‘modelled’ Kindness. He not only talked the talk; he also walked the walk. When other speakers on the day had given their talk they left, having more important (no doubt paid) things to do. Wayne was there all day, speaking to people in the breaks, signing his new meditation CD, sharing hugs with genuine warmth and love, and generally giving himself to his fellow beings.

When I think of kindness, I remember this day and this man, so I commend to you the finding of a ‘kind’ role model, particularly if kindness is not your natural way. The next step is to follow suit. I know I’m right (just this once)!

Love, peace and wisdom

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Annie Hutton‘s life is spent in the pursuit of self development through spiritual connection, reading, speaking with like minds, meditation, courses, etc. learning as much as possible from traditional and modern wisdom – the Enneagram, chakra energies, Frederick Bailes, Lao Tzu and many more.

Annie has enormous respect for the wonderful potential of every person who, given the information and space, can find their own way by exercising their mind, heart and soul. She shares ways to find your bliss in the every day.


5 Responses to “Spiritual Kindness”
  1. Lindsay says:

    Cavaliers!!! I have my own Cavalier (he’s a Blenheim). 9 years old and deaf for 6 years now, he is an amazing little doggy soul. Great article too, btw. :) I needed to read that today.

  2. Anne Maybus says:

    I love that – be kind, not right. Thank you for sharing it. I’m going to remember that one! I enjoy reading your work. There is always something that makes me think.

    And Annie, your dogs are gorgeous. Give them a cuddle from me.

  3. Chris Owen says:

    Hiya Annie
    God it’s been ages since we’ve seen each other!!!
    Thanks for this article.
    Just like you knew Wayne Dyer was talking to you. I know you’re talking to me when you say “be kind, not right”.
    That’s something that i need to have regular chats with my ego about! Thanks for sharing
    And like Anne says those dogs are gorgeous!

  4. Annie says:

    Dear ladies, thank you for your kind words! The ‘babies’ are my angels and if I have another role model for kindness, it is little Nemo, the Blenheim! Sinbad, the tricolour, is a cheeky chop and if he gets sent to the naughty corner – outside by himself – Nemo always rushes over to lick him and see if he’s OK when he comes back inside.
    The Beloved and I always say when it’s been a tough day, “Let’s go home and hug a puppy” and it always works to soothe the soul.
    Have a kind and gentle week :)