Spiritual Enthusiasm

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I see enthusiasm as a terrific building block for our spiritual lives – I would go so far as to say it is essential! I know the Universe would much prefer that we, as spiritual souls having this earthly experience, do so with enthusiasm!

To live our lives with enthusiasm and to be enthusiastic about the lives of those around us, adds another dimension of joy, energy, positivity and excitement.

Enthusiasm is a choice, a mind set with which to start each new day. Daily activities are coloured with the brush of enthusiasm. Activities we may consider as chores like shopping, cleaning, cooking, gardening, exercising, etc. are all turned into fun stuff if enthusiasm is added to the mix. We have more energy and a renewed sense of wonder about the world around us. We are kinder and more interested in the people we meet and less inclined to indulge in negative conversations and activities.

I am not talking about a manic manifestation of enthusiasm where we leap from one activity to the next to the next with no time outs. This indicates a restlessness; a searching for more thrills or stimulation than is desirable or necessary. Enthusiasm does not require squealing and running about madly.

Calm, balanced enthusiasm allows our spiritual purpose to shine through. It means we can be having fun at the same time as living on purpose! Without enthusiasm, our days become drab and colourless, an endless chore where we prefer to whinge and complain instead of getting on with this particular life we have been given as a supreme gift. Who are we to squander it? Become an artist today!

Love, peace and wisdom

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Annie Hutton‘s life is spent in the pursuit of self development through spiritual connection, reading, speaking with like minds, meditation, courses, etc. learning as much as possible from traditional and modern wisdom – the Enneagram, chakra energies, Frederick Bailes, Lao Tzu and many more.

Annie has enormous respect for the wonderful potential of every person who, given the information and space, can find their own way by exercising their mind, heart and soul. She shares ways to find your bliss in the every day.


3 Responses to “Spiritual Enthusiasm”
  1. Lindsay says:

    Cavaliers!! I have a Cavalier who will be 9 in a few months and he is such a blessing. I’ve got enthusiasm for Cavs, obviously. :)

    Ya know – I consider myself to be a very spiritual person but I’d never linked it with enthusiasm, but this just makes sense! Thank you!

  2. Annie says:

    Hi there fellow Cav lover! and thank you for your post Lindsay.
    My babies are five years old now – Sinbad and Nemo – boat dogs! And if ever we human beings want to learn about enthusiasm, just watch these two for tips!
    Have a spectacular month, Annie :)

  3. Steve says:

    The spiitual enthusiasm of an emancipated soul.

    Life is good. Be here.

    Thank you for sharing these insights.