Collecting the Memories of a Life

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Collecting the Memories of a Life:

An Introduction to Writing Your Memoirs

Life isn’t just about the traumatic moments, the big successes and the milestones. It’s about the small moments. The people. The movies. The experience of living.

And Bo captured the intimacy of that in her series on writing memoir. For while she talked about memoir, what she really was saying was ‘there’s gold in those memories – go open up the vein!’

This post was the start of it all, and the conversation was rich! Comments are still open, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on opening that vein and tapping into those small, precious moments. (And do take a look at the rest in the series! Total gorgeousness… littered with Bo’s stunning photography)

As we run headlong in February we are still burrowing through our extensive archives and bringing the gems we find into the light. Please join us! Leave a comment on the original post we’ve linked to, or find your own delights and leave a note with the link: here

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