Step Into Your Glory As Only You Can

January 6, 2011 by  
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iStock_000011797171 Leaving Through the DoorDo you ever get that feeling, that sense, that anything is possible?

I do. Especially at the beginning of a brand new year.

When I’ve had a chance to relax and recharge. When I’ve switched off the endless to-do lists running through my mind. Suddenly there’s this space. This feeling.

Anything is possible. Anything at all…

It’s in those quiet moments that I find the inspiration, and the motivation, to move forward. To find my way. To learn, all over again, what it is I want from this one glorious, tumultuous life.

What about you?

Do you know the feeling I’m talking about?

The one that says – it’s there, right in front of you, this life you’ve always dreamed of.

Reach out, touch it. Take it gently in both hands.

It’s yours.

And yours alone.

Taking it won’t mean any less for anyone else. For the universe doesn’t work that way.

It means more. More for others as well as you.


Because you’re stepping into your own shoes – those glorious ruby red shoes – and by stepping into your glory, your power, your sovereignty, you are shining a light and leading the way.

You’re giving others permission to step into their own power. Their own glory and birthright. If we are each, all and only, ourselves, the world will be a beautiful place indeed.

Take a look at that potential of yours. It’s there, right before you. Waiting for you to notice.

Will you be stepping into your own shoes this year and sharing your own self with the world?

We need you.

(and if you need a little guidance and inspiration – watch this space! I’m stepping up into my own power even more and will be bringing to you the program I’ve been working on feverishly… hint: it’s all about stepping into your own shoes:)


2 Responses to “Step Into Your Glory As Only You Can”
  1. This year my mind is focusing on living in the “now” and seeing every event of each day with my eyes wide open. It’s a year for being grateful, even in the face of adversity. With our eyes wide open (along with our hearts) we will witness the positive, even at times when we may be thrown a curve ball.

    I’ll be stepping into my own shoes this year and walking right along next to you, Káren. xx

  2. Fantastic Joanne! So wonderful to have you walking beside me.

    Those curve balls have been thrown thick and fast lately, and finding the silver lining and being grateful for small things are more important than ever before! I love your positive outlook this year, Joanne – and I am sure it will bring you a beautiful, uplifting year. xx