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I am excited to again host the lovely Stephanie Crawford here. More about Stephanie below.

Stockings by jacreative on flickr

Christmas and the festive season for me are synonymous with family. It’s such a special time of year. We all gather together to celebrate Christmas, both our immediate and extended families. We share many family Christmas traditions. Many of the traditions we enjoy today were started by my parents and grandparents when I was very young. These family traditions over the years have become priceless. Many are not unique to our family but they are the lasting memories I cherish of my own childhood and the memories I’m creating for my own children. For me Christmas is a time to celebrate with family. A time to share and enjoy being in each other’s company.

I remember our family began to celebrate Christmas by decorating the family Christmas tree together. Together we would hang the ornaments on the tree. We continue the tradition on the first Saturday in December. This year we are eagerly awaiting the delivery of a fresh Christmas tree to decorate. The smell of fresh pine in the house is another reminder that it’s Christmas time. The scent of fresh pine is like no other. It’s Christmas!

One of my fondest memories as a child was the anticipation of Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve. My own children continue our family tradition of leaving treats out for Santa and his reindeer. We leave something sweet and a glass of milk for Santa and a sprinkle of rolled oats on the front lawn for the reindeer.

There was a time I would continue to nag my parents until they drove us around the streets to look at the beautiful Christmas lights decorating homes. I still remember the incredible displays I saw as a child. It felt like Christmas was finally here whilst we were driving the streets absorbing the most gorgeous displays. Now I’m the parent being nagged at to drive the streets to look at the beautiful Christmas lights decorating homes. And so the family tradition continues, we wait til dark and the four of us pile into the car and gaze at the most amazing displays. Driving around the neighbourhood looking at Christmas lights makes it feel so much like Christmas!

I know many parents delight in the opportunity of having their children sit on Santa’s lap for a picture opportunity. Some parents take the opportunity to dress their children in their Sunday best for a cherished pic. An annual photo with Santa Claus is not something I seek. But I just love seeing Santa sit on his throne at the local shopping centre. I love the smile and the quick wave he gives me as I pass.

As a child, there is simply nothing more exciting than to open presents. Birthday presents, Christmas presents, oh the excitement that brews in the anticipation of opening a present. In our house the tradition continues where we all open our gifts together on Christmas morning. The air feels different on Christmas morning. Time seems to run on a different schedule on Christmas morning. We wake, we wake each other and we bolt to the lounge room to see an array of presents left by Santa and his reindeer. We sit around watching each other open presents. This is how we celebrate Christmas morning as a family.

Some people don’t like Christmas music but I love playing Christmas carols and Christmas tunes loudly throughout the house while I’m busy preparing for Christmas day. Christmas music for me creates atmosphere and the realisation that the festive season is upon us to enjoy.

In our family the Christmas celebration centres on sharing Christmas lunch together. We sit so closely to each other that our shoulders rub as we squeeze onto a table barely big enough. The table is full. It displays a feast. The most delicious Christmas foods are laid out for us to enjoy. There’s the roast meat and vegies with all the trimmings, the Christmas ham, salads and so many other appetising delights. The challenge is to keep enough room for the Christmas pudding!

Having fun and enjoying quality time with family members during the festive season is what Christmas and the season is all about.

Best wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

photo: Stockings by John Ashley

About Our Guest Writer

Stephanie CrawfordStephanie Crawford is a born and bred Melbourne girl, enjoying life in her thirties. She is a mum to two gorgeous boys.

She is back at University studying part time through Open Universities Australia. She is focused on completing a second degree, a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism). Stephanie is finding there is plenty to learn about distance education and online learning.

She is excited to be pursuing her lifelong dream. Her motivation and goal are a career as a freelance writer. She loves to share her opinions and has a passion for writing. She is actively seeking writing opportunities to further develop and strengthen her skills. She wishes she had more time to experiment in the kitchen and more time to harvest her own vegetable garden.

You’ll find Stephanie at her blog, Write to Tell, and on Twitter.


2 Responses to “What Christmas is all about…”
  1. Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas memories with us, Stephanie! I could envision your Christmases in my mind.

    Merry Christmas to your and yours this holiday season! :)

  2. Hi Carla,
    Many thanks for your comments :) It’s such a special time of year and one I’m appreciating more and more as the children grow.
    Best wishes for the festive season, good health and much happiness in the New Year.

    Stephanie x