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jump for joy by bingbing on flickrI sit down to write this piece and all I can think of is the Kool and the Gang song Celebrate Good Times! So I googled it and found an oh-too-much-fun chipmunk version – see if you can find it on YouTube :)

I realise with a little sadness that I have been missing joy in my life. That can happen when the ducks are not lining up for some reason. I realise too that it is quite unacceptable for me to live my life without joy (right up there with love and peace).

Time to take my own advice and put a smile on my face (chipmunks help big time as do the doglets), and start giving away joy, knowing full well that I will receive joy in spades.

Oh wait, I now feel love and peace flooding into my heart as well. Perhaps awareness is key here. I am focusing on these wonderful feelings and remembering that instead of feeling end-of-the-year-how-soon-can-I-have-a-break crabby, I can choose to feel oh-my-God-there-is-so-much-to-be-thankful-for.

There is always joy and peace and love inside each of us but we have to tap into it, become aware of it, allow it to surface and rule!

If Christmas is your thing, make it a special one this year, not a chore. Celebrate while you shop, celebrate while you cook, celebrate while you clean, celebrate while you wrap and celebrate being with the one(s) you’re with.

May your Christmas / New Year rock! Catch you next year!

Love, peace and wisdom

photo: Jump for Joy by Bing Ramos


2 Responses to “Spiritual Celebration”
  1. Dear Anne, I wish you all of the joy, love and peace you are craving, as we bid 2010 farewell and welcome in 2011 with expectations of the magic about to happen in our lives. :) xxx

  2. Annie says:

    Bless Joanne – thank you so much. Much easier with support from all the beautiful souls that inhabit The Calm Space! EnJOY your holiday break xx