Making it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (the real story)

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Were you raised, as I was, on beautiful Christmas traditions, on magical holiday movies, and on Christmas carols that stir the heart and invoke memories of love, laughter, giving and feasting… ? In our minds, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. But how much pressure are you putting yourself under to […]

A Reason to Celebrate

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Have you ever noticed how many of our celebrations involve light? On New Year’s Eve we have fireworks; on Valentine’s Day, romantic candles. On Halloween we set tea lights in Jack-o-lanterns and at Christmas we deck miniature lights ‘round our Christmas trees. Even our birthdays don’t get away without a little trick of a candle […]

Profound Questions

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For as long as I can remember, as the end of each year approaches, I find myself reflecting on the year that is almost over. How did I spend the year? What were the high points throughout the past months? Were the low point’s events which could have been played down, had I reacted differently […]

Celebrate in Style!

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The Holidays have arrived! The parties, the food, the friends, the décor, it’s all here. So what does your home say about you this year? Simple or sophisticated you can pack plenty of style into your home this Holiday Season without all the fuss. Yes, holiday decorating takes effort, but it doesn’t have to be […]

Capture Your Fleeting Holiday Memories

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The Holiday season is a hectic time of year, crammed with to do lists, people to see, places to visit. And for all but the most stalwart of writers, composing anything beyond the grocery list or a Holiday greeting gets lost in a haze of “I should write this down, but there’s not enough time.” […]

Your Breathing Space for December

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May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope The spirit of Christmas which is peace The heart of Christmas which is love. ~Ada V. Hendricks Download our desktop wallpaper for December based on this image (right click on the link below) The Star – December 2010 – Desktop Wallpaper

Celebration and Survival

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2010 has been a very long year riddled with emotional holes. Breath-shredding fears and mind blowing highs have kept the year tilting wildly like a spinning top approaching its final turn. I am excited to see it fade into 2011. Celebrations are about milestones and they mark our way through life. This year, more than […]

Spiritual Celebration

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I sit down to write this piece and all I can think of is the Kool and the Gang song Celebrate Good Times! So I googled it and found an oh-too-much-fun chipmunk version – see if you can find it on YouTube :) I realise with a little sadness that I have been missing joy […]

Harmonious Celebrations at Home

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It’s the time of year when celebrations are getting into full swing. There will be gatherings with friends and family and some of those will take place in your home. But what if some holiday gatherings drive you crazy? What if your family get-togethers result in more stress than harmony? If that’s the case, see […]

Do Join in Our Celebrations!

December 2, 2010 by  
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Hey girl – I hope you’ve got your party dress on, and your dancing shoes on your feet… it’s celebration time! All month long, as the festive season heats up, we’ll be sharing tips, stories and meanings on celebration. I’ve a confession of sorts to make, however. I’ve been in denial about Christmas this year. […]

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