Spiritual Harmony

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Harmony is a word by UggBoy UggGirl on FlickrJust reflecting on the word ‘harmony’ I begin to feel as if it might actually be possible! It’s a little onamatopoeic (not quite but close).

As I write, I feel anything but harmony. We have just moved offices from a sleepy little suburban location ten minutes from my home with trees and grass and small offices, to a busy city centre in a high rise security building with an open plan and chaos for Africa.

As I write, I am trying to find the harmony in the screeching traffic and car fumes on the 15 minute walk to and from my car to the building (yep no parking and nope I’m not actually writing while I’m walking in the rain). I am trying to find the harmony working with colleagues with poor morale, lots of grumbling and negative vibes. I am trying to find harmony with my whole lifestyle and daily routine playing pick up sticks.

Feeling the disharmony rising in my body I reflect on the word ‘harmony’ from the Greek word meaning “to fit together”, “to join”. And then it strikes me that disharmony is separation. Source does not recognise separation. This world we live in was created with all the pieces fitting together in harmony (whether we realise it or not.) On a daily basis however, we manage to get in the way and create disharmony and separation.

If the current circumstances are less than ideal, it is still the way God planned it! As I write I realise I have definitely been getting in the way. There is harmony in all things if we just accept that there is reason behind everything.

I shall wait and see what the upside of these current circumstances may be. Whilst I cannot lie to myself and say “it’s all terrific, it’s all terrific” like a mantra, I can just be still until the ‘oneness’ is revealed.

Love, peace and wisdom

photo source: Harmony by UggBoy♥UggGirl [ PHOTO : WORLD : SENSE ]

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