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iStock_000005048683 Zen GardenHow good are you at saying those two little letters?



I want to share a little secret. I’ve been dropping a few little hints… you may have seen some tweets… but so far it’s all been real hush hush.

But first, a quick story.

It’s the story I haven’t told. About a woman who couldn’t say no. A woman who secretly feared she’d be shunned or hated if she said no.

She also had a deep inner longing for a better life.

A life less frantic, or with way more hours in a day (50 hours/day sounds good:)

A life less scattered (boil the kettle ten times, make five cups of tea, drink two… sigh. and let’s not mention how many times a load of dirty clothes can be washed before it gets hung to dry)

A woman with a ‘sure, I can fit that in‘ answer to any request. Because we all know that if you want something done, you ask a busy person.

A woman who aimed for the highest number of things she could multi-task at the same time.

A woman who ended up feeling empty, soul-less and inadequate, all while feeling guilty she wasn’t doing more.

I’m sure you’ve guessed. That woman was me. (And you’ll likely be hearing a lot more of that story soon…) Was. Past tense. I started a search for a better way of living soon after my daughter was born, almost 18 years ago. The search was long. At times arduous. And often very daunting.

Only, I knew there was a better way. There had to be. A way to say no and still respect myself (and without that side serve of guilt).

I took the long road and it was tough. And I now need (yep, need) to share the answers, the process, the absolute glory, with other women so they don’t have to take the tough road.

Sooo… I’m in creation mode. I’ve had my magic wand in hand and I’ve banished my inner critic to the far reaches of the moon. Enjoying it soooo much. Having a blast.

I’m creating something big. A life-will-never-be-the-same type something. For women who really have trouble saying NO! For women who’ve tried all the scripts and don’t-make-excuses type solutions and are still stuck.

And I had an idea this morning as I was clearing out my inbox.

The idea I had is about you. I’m looking for beautiful women to do some one-on-one coaching with me in the next week or so. Here is why. I’m working on a project here at The Calm Space that is a big, big deal. It’s been in the works for quite some time. I’m developing new ways to serve you and your life in ways I’ve only dreamed about. My dreams are becoming a reality by the day.

Now I am in the design and development phase and I’m looking to do a bit more focused, fine-tuned research with my live audience: you.

I feel most inspired when I am helping you get the most out of your day, and your life. What a delight, I can help you, and you can help me with my research!

Get your calm on in 60 minutes

If you are:

  • a workaholic who has trouble getting away from her desk
  • a creative professional who says ‘how high‘ every time her clients say ‘jump!
  • unable to say no to clients, your boss (or anyone else!)
  • battling with your heaping appointments, tasks and projects high on your plate until it’s so overloaded that something’s gotta give (and that something’s you)
  • scared of alienating people or losing clients if you say no
  • a graduate of all the ‘say no gracefully and don’t give any excuses’ solutions and still cannot get those two little letters (no) past your lips
  • working so hard at getting all of your stuff done before the year is over and you need to get organised in your thoughts, get some opinions on how to destress, and have a plan to get you through the next 30 days and into the new year

Special holiday offer, for 10 special people

Here’s the incredible deal:

A one-hour phone session with me. Here is how it would work.

You answer a couple of questions beforehand via email. This way we can really focus on giving you maximum time on your specific issue once we’re on the call. We focus on whatever you want to destress before the holidays or in general. We solve it, or give it a damn good try :) We get you some clarity and me some food for thought for my research. Win-Win. And, as a bonus, you’ll feel more in control, less frazzled and way calmer in time for all the seasons festivities. Yay!

I’ve cleared ten hours over the next couple of weeks. If this is you, dear one, act now. First in – first dibs at my schedule ;) If you feel pulled to join in to help me with my research while you destress just in time for the holidays, please act soon. It would be a privilege to hear from you, and to share some hints about my big news coming in the new year. And, my wish for you would be to really enjoy the holidays after you’ve worked so hard all year long. I want to help you achieve your happy state!

Click here to secure your spot now. You will be relieved that you did!

Booked Out! Thank you for your interest! Look for news in the New Year!

This is wildly exciting. You will get to enjoy the holidays guilt-free, happy, and calm while you help me shape my new product design.How cool is that? (Well, I think it’s cool… even though my kids tell me that ‘cool’ isn’t cool anymore.)

Here’s to saying YES to saying No to anything that is taking away from your peace and calm. And here’s to finally enjoying the festive season simply by being inspired, clear, and most importantly, happy and free of the guilt that gets in your way every day!

love, love,
Káren xx

P.S. why aren’t I offering these sessions for free? Because, my sweet, you wouldn’t value your time! You’re getting a full hour of me, fully focused on you and your life. And you will have an action plan and a spring in your step. To be invested in your own success, you need to invest your dollars. This one time special offer, is my early holiday gift to you! I’m offering this session to you at a reduced rate to entice you to show up for yourself now, end the year lighter, and happier, and start the new year raring to go.

P.P.S. Since I’m heavily in production mode with my big, new ’something’ and many changes will be happening by the first of the year, this is truly a once-only, act now deal. It closes on Tuesday (30 November), or when all 10 spots are taken. I hope to meet you in YOUR Calm Space.


3 Responses to “Get Your Calm On!”
  1. Looking forward to hearing more about this as it unfolds, Karen. Love that you have such a heart for life and for helping the people around you live it more abundantly. You’re a treasure and a gift.

  2. Thank you Carla (taking a bow…:) I am so excited about what is coming, I sometimes have to get out of my chair and just dance… lol

    Thank you for seeing what’s there… I treasure you, my friend, as a real gift in my life.