Harmony is spelled f.a.m.i.l.y.

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Let me fly, let me breathe by Xanetia on flickr

Harmony, at first thought, sounds like such a wonderful thing, doesn’t it? Everything running smoothly. Everything calm. No friction. No problems. No arguments.

Soaring, free, easy…

Sound too good to be true?

Yeah, it probably is.

I’ve experienced moments of it. Moments of pure joy, when all is right in my world.

I’ve laid in bed some nights, soothing myself to sleep after a particularly hectic day. (these days, they’re all rather that way:) And I’ve thought… everyone’s healthy. Everyone’s been fed. The dishwasher is gurgling away as I rest. All are safely in bed replenishing themselves for tomorrow. All is right is my world.

It gives me a sense of rightness. And I’m grateful.

And on that note, I sleep soundly.

But then there are the days when the kids are fighting (not scrapping, not bickering, fighting. Nasty, mean words. Yuk), the dogs are fractious and growling at each other, dinner’s not on the table (and it’s late), there’s no clean uniforms or socks for tomorrow and we’ve run out of milk. And it’s in those moments that harmony seems… oh so very much a dream.

But there’s harmony within the discord. There’s a learning how to cope with nasty words, with thoughtless barbs. There’s a learning in saying sorry. And meaning it. There’s a learning in remembering why the dogs get taken for a walk each day. There’s a learning about self-sufficiency and responsibility and putting your clothes in the laundry where they can be washed. Thank you very much. And the milk? Well, wine doesn’t need milk in it, does it? And dinner? If the wine’s poured, and we all pitch in with table setting and dishing up, even a late dinner can have its joys and laughter and family time.

All it needs is for me to take a breath.

Breathe. In. Out.

I bring myself back to my body. Feel my breath, deep within. Feel it fill me up. Feel it nurture and nourish. If I bring myself back into me, suddenly I become the calm spot. The eye of the storm.



Hear that?

That, my friend, is Harmony with a capital H. The harmony of five different people (+2 dogs) all singing their version of the tune. The result? ahhh…


photo: Let me fly, let me breathe by Xanetia

Karen WallaceKáren Wallace is currently learning all the different ways harmony can sound as her family morphs and changes before her very eyes. This week, her daughter graduates from high school, and starts the next phase on her journey to adulthood.

When she’s not orchestrating the sound of harmony at family dinnertime, Káren is the editor and publisher here at The Calm Space, and coaches women in how it feels to find harmony within discord, the beauty in the ordinary, and the calm within the chaos. She’s also right in the midst of a new secret project… shhh.

You can catch her sporadically on twitter @karenwallace


4 Responses to “Harmony is spelled f.a.m.i.l.y.”
  1. Hello Diane! It’s lovely to see you here again. What a hat-trick of messages all about harmony! Definitely trying to tell you something, Diane.

    You know, I couldn’t remember that song, so looked it up on YouTube and wow. How had I missed this one? thanks so much for sharing and commenting! xx

  2. Diane says:

    Have had the song “Harmony” by Elton John in my head, then pulled the “Harmony” card from my Destiny Cards this morning, then read this. Funny where our messages come from, isn’t it?

  3. Chania Girl says:

    LOVED this post, Karen! Especially the last line: That, my friend, is Harmony with a capital H. The harmony of five different people (+2 dogs) all singing their version of the tune.

    Very sneaky, by the way, your little hint of “secret” projects being worked upon … ;) When will all be revealed?

  4. Thank you Carla!

    And lol about the secret project… I’ve started to let the cat pop her head out of the bag, here: https://thecalmspace.com/2010/11/private-help-now/ … and the big reveal? Hmmm… watch this space ;)