Experiment with Your Own Sense of Harmony

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1Many designers can create a beautiful interior, but few can create a harmonious one. This month’s opening quote by Doug Floyd applies to interiors as well. You don’t get a harmonious space when you use the same colour, or layout, or furniture. You have to have some highs and lows, and everything in between. There is one designer who stands out above the rest when it comes to creating this sophisticated interior, New York based designer Vicente Wolf.

2The home before you belongs to the designer himself. It was featured in Veranda magazine (Jul/Aug 2009) and remains for me, one of those unforgettable places. Yes it’s ridiculously white. Look at those floors? No one with children should even attempt a look like this. They make the space a canvas, so even the subtlest colour stands out. The over scaled ornate wood pieces, grab your attention and force you to admire.


4Vicente is known for his ability to mix and mismatch his interiors, as well as for very unique furniture placement. Everything is carefully situated for comfort, balance and well, harmony. The collection of art so loosely scattered throughout, adds beautiful depth and warmth. Even, natural light has its role in filling the space.


6Simple and modern, or sophisticated and antique, Vicente can tie it all together in the most beautiful fashion. Each piece has its moment in the spotlight. This isn’t a style that is easy to replicate, but is a style that allows us to open our minds about the choices we make when completing a room. Are you putting a chair in that corner to fill the space, or do you really want someone to sit in it? Do you want to update your home by adding a few modern pieces, but think you are breaking some design rule? And do your favorite photos and works of art have to be mounted on the wall? You can find the answer, if you experiment with your own sense of harmony.



Vicente’s site: vicentewolf.com
Veranda article: veranda.com


6 Responses to “Experiment with Your Own Sense of Harmony”
  1. Tanya Malott says:

    This space makes me extremely happy! I would love living here. The art is beautiful, the mix of furniture is lovely. I love the use of free-standing dividers….for the desk, the bed, and the shower. What a luxurious space!

  2. Victoria says:

    I absolutely love Vicente’s apartment in New York. It is so serene, light and spacious!
    The harmony stems also from a great skill to edit.
    The use of calming white on wall and floor makes it cocoon like. Different metals, gold and lucite furniture and the right amount of accent colors add up to simply gorgeous!

  3. Susan says:

    I love the way that the artwork is displayed, especially the creative use of the chairs. The desk is also wonderfully unique and beautiful. These rooms are very inspiring.

  4. vitania says:

    Thanks Tanya and Susan, exactly why I love this space is because of it’s unpredictability. What a great idea to keep your artwork on an antique chair.


  5. Hi,

    Your post on Harmony is terrific, harmony with color, harmony of shape and form,and harmony of feelings. Good choice. you can feel Vincente Wolf’s personality all through his home. Thank you, have a good week end.


  6. vitania says:

    It’s true Suzanne,
    you really do see his personality through his space.
    Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend..