Creating Balance and Harmony in Your Home

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Balance by Scott Robinson on Flickr (Clearly Ambiguous)The theme for this month ‘Harmony’ fits so perfectly for the Feng Shui space. Over 12 years ago, when I started my business, I called it Harmony Inside & Out, and that’s because that’s what Feng Shui does – it helps you create harmony on the outside, in your physical space, which in turn brings harmony on the inside – within you.

Feng Shui is all about balancing the energy of your home, which in turn can bring about corresponding changes in your life. Unfortunately, when most people hear that, they see it as a ‘quick fix,’ a way of not taking responsibility for the real issues in their lives. They hear or read that somebody enhanced their wealth area and suddenly received a large sum of money. Or that somebody applied Feng Shui to their office and their business took off in a big way. When they hear stories like this – which do happen – they assume that if they do the same things they will get the same results, and they may, but not necessarily.

Your home and everything in it is a reflection of you, on the inside. It reflects back to you what’s going on in your life and within yourself. If there are situations and emotions that you are hiding from, not wanting to deal with, that will be reflected in your home. If your life is chaotic and out of balance, that is reflected in your home. If you don’t know what you want to do in life or are simply not doing what you’d like to do, that also is reflected in your home.

The same applies to your office or work space. It is a reflection of you and your business/career. It shows how well you’re doing (or not) and shows how you feel about what you do. When you make changes in your home or work space, it will bring about some change for you, but not always in the way you expect. It all depends on whether you are in alignment in your life, whether you are living authentically – in other words, being true to yourself.

If your life is not feeling balanced and harmonious, if you are not in alignment, then making the changes to the energy in your home or work space will bring about change in your life, but it may not initially be in the way that you want or expect. The outer environment corresponds to the inner environment, so if the inner environment – your thoughts and beliefs (programming) and the actions that you’re taking are not in alignment with who you are and what you really want to do in life – then making changes in the outer environment will enable you to go to the next level.

Let me share with you a couple of examples that may help:

Caryn is an interior designer. She has a retail store and although her interior design business was extremely successful, the store never did very well. When I went to look at the store I felt that, although it was full of beautiful things, energetically it felt a little intimidating. Although there was beautiful furniture, you’d be afraid to sit on it or touch it and so on. Within two weeks of her making the changes in the store that I suggested (to change the energy) she sent me an e-mail to say that they had sold so much from the store that they were frantically trying to re-stock. Caryn had everything else in alignment, all we had to do was change the energy in the store and everything fell into place.

Take another example of a client called Louise who wanted to be promoted in her job so she could make more money. When I spoke with her two weeks after she had made the changes that I suggested, she told me that the Feng Shui wasn’t working. She had just been told that she was going to lose her job as part of a program of layoffs within the company. Not what she was expecting or hoping for! I assured her that I felt it was working and the reason she now had to leave her job after changing the energy in her home was because it wasn’t in alignment for her – there was something better for her.

So Louise held onto the belief that something better would show up, and within a couple of weeks it did. She was offered another job in another company, in another part of the country, which meant more money and she would have to move. This was so much better for her because she happened to dislike her home, which she had inherited from her parents and which held a lot of unhappy memories. So what showed up for her was so much better than she could have imagined.

What Feng Shui does is help to bring you back into balance and harmony with your life. It helps to move you into complete alignment. It takes you from wherever you are and helps you to move to the next level. It simply is a case of changing the energy in your space to change the energy within you – work with it in this way and you will soon experience more balance and harmony in your life than you could ever have imagined.

photo source: Balance by Scott Robinson (Clearly Ambiguous)


3 Responses to “Creating Balance and Harmony in Your Home”
  1. Chania Girl says:

    I hope that my comment will be taken as the compliment I want it to be and not the reverse (which is entirely possible). My comment is this: That this space always makes me squirm a little. And I think this is because it’s just downright true. There are things about my home (and things about myself) that I know are out of alignment but have not done much to correct. So when I read your wise words here, I am reminded at least once a month of “Hmmm … but you know, CG, you could do something.” Easier said than done.

    Thank you, Linda, for your honesty here and for the prod every month. I’ve no doubt that each little prod gets me a bit closer to where I’d like to be, even if it is at a snail’s pace. :)

  2. Linda Binns says:

    Chania Girl – thank you for this comment. I absolutely take it as a compliment. When something makes you that uncomfortable it’s because it’s resonating with something inside you that is ready to be dealt with and released. The more uncomfortable you feel, the more growth there is. Just be patient with yourself and know this – you will do something when you are ready. You must be almost ready because you keep reading this space!! Thank you so much for sharing and being so honest, I love it!