If I Were Queen of the Forest …

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I am so thrilled to again share the amazing writing of Carla Cummins Thomas (aka Chania Girl) with you this week! More about Carla below. When I was a little girl, one of my favorite films was The Wizard of Oz. Actually, even now, as an almost-35-year-old adult, it is still one of my favorite […]

Stripped Bare and Heart On the Line in Dead Man’s Shoes

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“I’ll surrender myself to you and do whatever you tell me” were the words Kim Cheshire told his producer when he handed over his heart in the form of songs for his new album Dead Man’s Shoes. “I feel like I’ve put my heart on the line here and it scares the hell out of […]

Travel on My Mind – and in My Memoirs

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Travel is on my mind. Recently I’ve been consulting maps, researching places to visit, adding up miles for potential drives, and making camping reservations in parks throughout the American West. And in the last two weeks I traveled over 5,000 miles and visited a half dozen National Parks. So it is no wonder that when […]

How Much Courage Do You Need to Create a Better Relationship?

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I’m a wimp! A wuss! A scaredy-cat! A squib! A total coward! Generally, I missed out on the bravery gene. Sure! I’m like a lioness when someone threatens my babies! (Yes still!  Despite them all being in their 30s now.) And maybe I have a reputation as someone who can argue for change if I […]

Isn’t It Time?

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Be SoulFul Vibrant & Alive! Click Here.

Your SoulFul Questions Answered… Real Time!

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Click on the image below for all the details! NB If you cannot see the video, please click here to watch it on YouTube. Thanks! P.S. I am looking forward to your comments, please let me know your thoughts below. K xx

Do You Want to be SoulFul, Vibrant and Alive?!

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Update October 26: This course has commenced! Please subscribe by entering your first name and email address over there on the right of this page and you’ll be the first to hear of future offerings from us. Thank you! Is Caring for Everyone Else Leaving You Overwhelmed and Exhausted? We’ve been brought up to be […]

Finding the Courage to Let Go

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“If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was”. ~Anonymous. Whenever I hear the word courage mentioned, without fail I instantly remember the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz, who wished to travel to the Land of Oz to meet the wizard, as […]

Can Your House Give You More Courage?

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Although you may find it hard to believe, the answer is yes, it can. There are several ways that your house helps to give you courage, some a little more complicated than others, but I’ll do my best to keep it simple. Balance The first way that your home helps you is when the energy […]

Nuggets and Pebbles

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Is courage a nugget or a pebble? Is one gigantic act of courage worth more than the daily dose of courage that it takes to live your life? The problem with the concept of courage is that we see it as a big, shiny gold nugget that only a few people will ever experience. I […]

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