The Benefits of Deep Breathing

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Please join me in welcoming back Stephanie Crawford as our guest. More about Stephanie below.

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Learning how to breathe will change your life. It is the key to abundant energy, peace and wholeness. If you are not breathing fully and deeply then you are missing out on the fullness of life.

~Anna Coy

When my breath is calm, my mind is incredibly calm. Conscious breathing releases tension from my body. I take a breath when I feel anxious. I take a breath when I feel overwhelmed. While taking the time to inhale and exhale, while taking the time to become aware of my breath, I begin to feel a great sense of calmness. Taking a deep breath magically calms me. It instantly relaxes me. It is a natural remedy. It works wonders.

There are days when I fail to recognise and to acknowledge my breath. I become so caught up in the moment, caught up in the present moment of day to day life, activities, routines and the general fast pace of daily life. I need to physically stop for a moment. I need to slow down for a moment or two. At times I need to remind myself to simply breathe. I need to think about the way I breathe. Breathing helps me to concentrate and to focus. Breathing reminds me to enjoy the present, the here and now of life. Especially during those times when I feel too much is happening around me.

Breathing correctly is extremely important. Many years ago I regularly attended yoga classes where I learnt the deep breathing technique. Deep breathing stimulates and massages the internal organs, tones the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. I learnt that the practice of deep breathing will calm the mind and help to develop a strong spine.

We benefit from deepening and expanding our breath. In doing so we increase our energy. Shallow breathing from the chest takes about 20 per cent more energy than breathing from the diaphragm. Shallow breathing is tiring. It wears us out. Deep breathing helps us to relax and to rise above the pressures of day to day to life and those moments of feeling highly stressed or overwhelmed. Deep breathing promotes calmness and clarity. It balances our emotions.

Remind yourself as often as you can to stop and to take a breath, enjoy the present moment.

Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life.

~Giovanni Papini

Photo Source: Lily by me’nthedogs (Mark Robinson)


Stephanie CrawfordStephanie Crawford is a born and bred Melbourne girl, enjoying life in her thirties. She is a mum to two gorgeous boys.

She is back at University studying part time through Open Universities Australia. She is focused on completing a second degree, a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism). Stephanie is finding there is plenty to learn about distance education and online learning.

She is excited to be pursuing her lifelong dream. Her motivation and goal are a career as a freelance writer. She loves to share her opinions and has a passion for writing. She is actively seeking writing opportunities to further develop and strengthen her skills. She wishes she had more time to experiment in the kitchen and more time to harvest her own vegetable garden.

You’ll find Stephanie at her blog, Write to Tell, and on Twitter.


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  1. Ryan Spanger says:

    Thanks for the reminder. So simple, but so easy to forget.

  2. Many thanks for visiting the Calm Space Ryan!
    Sometimes we all need a gentle little reminder. A simple reminder, that helps us get back on track :)