Life isn’t Measured by the Number of Breaths We Take…

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Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away! (author unknown) Do you sometimes get so excited, flustered, focussed on what’s happening that you suddenly find yourself short of breath? That beautiful breathlessness… You have to stop, place your hand on your heart and just […]

How Breathing Can Help You Live in the Moment

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It’s an honour to again welcome Dani from Positively Present as our Guest! More about Dani below. Though I swear all the time that I’ll try it, meditation is something I’ve yet to experiment with. I’ve heard great things about it and it seems that most who meditate reap very positive rewards. However, for me, […]

Breathless, Feral, and Jigging…

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Tired, a tad grumpy and somewhat lethargic from all the shallow breathing I’d been doing in my stressed state; I read all the wonderful articles at The Calm Space this month and instantly felt much better. Breathe they all wrote; breathe in life and love and all the goodness that surrounds us. As hard as […]

The Breath of a New Relationship

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There is nothing quite like the moment a child is born. The room has an air of tension and excitement as those final few contractions and exhausting pushes uncontrollably grip the mother. The feeling of expectation could be cut with a knife it is so present with everyone. As the babe arrives, everyone in the […]

The Benefits of Deep Breathing

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Please join me in welcoming back Stephanie Crawford as our guest. More about Stephanie below. Learning how to breathe will change your life. It is the key to abundant energy, peace and wholeness. If you are not breathing fully and deeply then you are missing out on the fullness of life. ~Anna Coy When my breath […]

The Place to Breathe

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It’s September, and this is my time of year. This summer was perfect, warm and sunny, and truly relaxing. Yet, I am grateful for the cool breeze that has swept in. This is my season, autumn. I start to anticipate it’s arrival in the first week of August, and I have to remind myself to […]

I Breathe in Goodness, Love and Peace.

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I am so excited to welcome back Tess Marshall as our guest writer this week. More about Tess below. Approximately 65 percent of your body is oxygen that fuels your brain, fills our blood, clears your cells and supplies you with energy. Oxygen is the breath of Spirit, breathed into you providing you life. Many […]

Serendipities of Survival

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All living beings on earth need to breath for survival. I know…I know, that is such an obvious statement, but there is so much more to breathing. Breathing deeply increases the oxygen in the body, which in turn increases your metabolism. By consciously taking deep breaths, not only do you calm the body and mind, […]

Memoir and Photography: Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

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Mention “writing your memoir” and most people think about recording memories, recalling events and names in the past, even researching distant history.  But sometimes capturing the present is just as important as remembering the past. When you document the present, you can both compare the present to past years and tuck today’s stories away to […]

Self-Kindness Challenge!

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Update: Friday September 10: We’re FULL! Thank you so much to everyone who registered! If you missed out, please leave your name and email address below and you’ll be on our advanced priority notification list for our next challenge and other goodies that are coming soon – very soon! I am thrilled to introduce our […]

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