Spiritual Happiness

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Annie and 'the boys'

I think about happiness a lot so it’s interesting to put down some words this month on the subject.

There are degrees of happiness ranging from contentment to happiness to joy to bliss. Usually spiritual happiness is referred to as bliss and it is very difficult to describe. It is rarely a constant state for most of us, but occasionally when everything is in alignment in the Universe – soul, mind, heart, body, relationships, work, play, etc. – you know it when you feel it. It is simply wonder-full.

Contentment signifies an acceptance of what is, a fairly neutral level of emotion.

Happiness is often the absence of immediate problems or dramas.

Joy is terrific, a heightened level of happiness where a lack of negativity doesn’t come into it. It is a positive, vibrant place to be. I took my two little dogs to the beach the other day and just watched them joyfully playing in the waves, running like mad along the sand (rare treat) with big grins on their dear little faces, running back to me to share their joy. That it was a perfect sunny but cool day, light breeze, clean waves breaking on the rocks, everyone out walking and talking, etc. did not hurt either!

Whilst enjoying this perfect morning with my babies and other chatty souls, I thought of ways to carry that joyful feeling throughout the rest of that, and all my other days. To self-initiate those feelings without the external stimulus of the perfect day and other beings sharing their joy with me, I need to tap into:

Bliss which is the highest level of happiness reached on total acceptance of what is, non-consideration of good or bad, and awareness of the beauty with which God surrounds us, in all its forms.

Failing to reach the dizzy heights of bliss every day is OK. I believe that most of us have a usual threshold of happiness which may be high, medium or low. Depending what is going on in our lives, happiness levels fluctuate but eventually return to ‘normal’ level. For those fortunate enough to have a fairly high level, the swings up and down are generally not that great. For those on a fairly low level, perhaps the swings are greater and more dramatic.

Recently I have seen articles arguing that it is unrealistic to try and achieve happiness, nor is it even a desirable thing to attain. Considering how wonderful happiness feels to me and how wonderful it makes others feel around me, I just can’t agree. Put it this way – the alternative isn’t much chop!

Love, peace and wisdom


4 Responses to “Spiritual Happiness”
  1. Anne Maybus says:

    Isn’t it great that we have a happiness scale? Being blissful everyday would be quite exhausting, I think!

  2. Have you heard the saying “The better it gets, the better it gets”, Annie? I thought about it as I read your article.

    If we aim each and every day to be happy, momentum will kick in and our days will become even “better and better”. (I agree, the alternative certainly isn’t much chop!)

    Your boys are so precious! :)

  3. Annie says:

    Hello Anne and Joanne
    Thank you as always for most welcome additional thoughts.
    Quite right Anne – most exhausting to maintain bliss 24/7 I should think – permission to be human on occasion!
    And Joanne, while I’m not sure I’ve heard that exact expression, I agree wholeheartedly with the concept. My guru, Frederick Bailes has a lovely prayer which states that when we have an expectation of good things occurring, meeting good people, etc. it happens more and more. Of course the converse is also true, so yet another reason for the alternative to suck! And yes, my babies are a precious gift.
    Happy days! Annie