Reawakening Wonder

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Caught Feather by Amy Palko

Wonder is the state that safeguards the innocence which resides in the heart of all dreams, wishes, magic and love. If we peel back the filters of cynicism, we would begin to look with wonder again. You know, like we used to do when we were children.

Here are just a few aspects of nature that awaken my own childish sense of wonder…


The arching spine from which fronds of feathers
lie in perfect placement.
Expressing vibrant coloration and iridescent loveliness,
or pure white snowy fluffiness,
or deep black coal glossiness.
The variety of feathers in all their forms,
embodying hope, enabling flight.


The carmine curves and sweeping lines
divide the inner chambers of the shell.
Brittle, fragile, protective… home.
Perfect spirals stemming from the heart
out into the world.
An ammonite revealed and revealing.


Tall, reaching skywards
with branches extended, the uppermost leaves
tracing patterns in the air.
Roots planted deep within the earth traveling across
and down, searching for sustenance to support the superstructure.
The heartwood whispering its secrets to the birds.


The rain refracts the light,
bends it bowlike across stormclouds and the approaching blue.
The white light divides and sends streamers of the purest shades of
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, indigo,
connecting earth to heaven.
A promise honoured.


Individual and unique,
each slightly different from its siblings.
Gently gentle.
Softly soft.
Covering all hard edges, dressing the darkness
in flowing gowns of radiant pearlescence,
the snowflakes fall in profound silence.
And the earth slumbers.

Wonder makes a space in the heart for all that makes life worth living.


One Response to “Reawakening Wonder”
  1. Anne Maybus says:

    Amy, that is a lovely piece of writing. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing it here.