For the Love of Hard Work

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Ever since I began exploring art and design as a young girl, I have been in admiration of the work of artisans and craftspeople.  I envy the ability to dedicate each day working skillfully and patiently with your hands and heart. I am the daughter of a blacksmith and a hair stylist, so I think it comes naturally to me to want to build and create with my hands. Not that long ago, men and women were expected to know how to make everything they needed. Growing up, most of my friends wore clothes hand sewn by their mothers. Draperies and slip covers were all made by hand of the woman of the house. Even furniture was usually crafted by someone you knew.

Today, these artisans seem few and far between in the shadow of giant corporations that mass produce an abundance of disposable products. But if you look around, you will see that there are still many people close to you who live to create beautiful, valuable and useful products; pieces that are built with an incredible amount of pride and sustainability. What greater purpose is there, but to live life everyday doing what you love?

giustiportosSource: Giusti Portos

Life is in the details. It really is. The little things that you come home to at the end of the day that give you peace and comfort. This beautifully crafted Iron bed is elegant and sophisticated, with a touch of whimsical. When I see a piece like this I think of the pride that went into designing, producing it and eventually owning it. Surrounding myself around handmade things, reminds me to live a life filled with passion.

Peacock CabinetrySource: Peacock Cabinetry

I am a mother of young children and my kitchen is my most frequent stop throughout the day. The kitchen is my workshop. So whether it is cooking, colouring, reading, or sketching, it is the space that allows me to perfect my craft. At the end of my day, you won’t see a masterpiece crafted from wood, stone or metal, but there will be fruits of my labour. I have always been attracted to hard work and new challenges, so having a place for me that is beautiful, spacious and organized to experiment with my ideas is essential.

Hickory ChairSource: Hickory Chair

As a young woman, I had the hardest time deciding on a profession. There were so many things that I was interested in the thought of committing to just one thing, was overwhelming. So while I was taking the time to figure things out, I started my career. It was nowhere near where it is today, but I dedicated myself completely to every aspect of it, and as I gathered many experiences, I found myself exactly where I should be. When I think of the dining and living rooms of a home, I think of just that, a place where experiences gather. I am drawn to rooms that are warm and inviting, but also a little formal. Adding a little formality, reminds me to celebrate.

CRLaineSource: C.R. Laine

Today, I am many things from wife and mother, to business owner and blogger, juggling to meet the demands of life. Most of the time I do what I do because it has to get done, and I don’t really have time to reflect on why I actually do it. Whether it is scrubbing the kitchen floors, making paper crafts, writing blog posts or helping clients design the perfect table, I can tell you that there is love, passion, integrity, commitment and joy in my work, and this has always been my purpose.


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  1. So well said! I couldn’t agree more it’s the little details that stop and make us smile and remember to slow down throughout the day. I agree its those unique pieces that at time we need to save up for which mean the most. This bed is just divine!

  2. Vitania says:

    Hi Julieann,
    I know we are on the same page when it comes to the little details we surround ourselves with. Thanks for stoppin in.