Through the Eyes of Wonder

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I am thrilled to welcome Carla Cummins Thomas aka Chania Girl as our guest writer this week! More about Carla below. When I was a little girl, I believed in princes and princesses, fairies and fairy godmothers, spells and enchantments. I dreamed of the day I would sprout wings (and magical powers too) and become one […]

The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose in Life

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There is so much information out there in self-improvement circles about finding your purpose. About ‘knowing’ your purpose. About having this over-riding, all consuming, omnipresent thing call Purpose (with a capital P) that makes everything clear and every decision a no-brainer. There are so many programs designed and books written to help you uncover this […]

Purpose? Better Relationships Need Something More Basic …

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If you read self-development literature, you are left with the impression that if your life lacks a purpose then somehow you are failing yourself, your children, and the world. The message seems to be that if we don’t have a purpose we’re just not measuring up. In the world of relationships, there are many expectations. […]

Putting Together the Puzzle of Your Life

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I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honourable, to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all. ~Leo C. Rosten Every artist creates and writes with purpose; to share a message […]

The Tools of Our Purpose

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We welcome back artist Patricia van Essche as our guest writer this week. More about Patricia below. A small cottage – with a purpose. I illustrated this for the Lettered Cottage. Many find their purpose by a process of elimination or merely choice. Making the choice based on what aligns best with your values as […]

How to Calm Yourself when the Going Gets Tough #2: Defer Your Worries

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When my eldest son got his driving license and started going out at night in the car, I started to worry. I found I couldn’t sleep until I knew he was home and safe. Or I’d go to sleep and then wake up sometime before midnight and start pacing the floor if he wasn’t home. […]

How Your Home can Help You Discover Your Purpose

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Do you feel as though you are living your life purpose? Do you know what it is that you’re here to do? Some people do, and many do not. But did you know that if you are looking to discover and live your life purpose that your house can help you? Your home represents you. […]

For the Love of Hard Work

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Ever since I began exploring art and design as a young girl, I have been in admiration of the work of artisans and craftspeople.  I envy the ability to dedicate each day working skillfully and patiently with your hands and heart. I am the daughter of a blacksmith and a hair stylist, so I think […]

Why Write Memoir? – There is Purpose in Your Words

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Typically the Memoir Space doesn’t follow the monthly themes on the Calm Space – the themes don’t apply as readily to writing memoir as they do to the other Spaces. But when I read that this month’s theme was “purpose”, it seemed to be a good fit. I’ve been asked questions about writing memoirs from […]

On Purpose

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We welcome back Stacey Curnow, Midwife for Your Life, this week! More about Stacey below. I recently attended an event with Byron Katie and one of the many people who joined her on the stage was a young woman who was visibly distraught. (Katie has a process she calls “the Work” that helps people release their stressful […]

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