Cherish You! challenge: Learning to love yourself one step at a time

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Cherish Challenge Feb 10

UPDATE Tuesday 16th Feb: Our Challenge is FULL!

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Do you have enough love in your life? Do you feel loved, cherished, valued and appreciated all the time?


Then I guess, like 99% of us, you’re not feeling as valued, as cared for, as nourished as you’d like to feel – somewhere down deep in your soul.

I am so excited to introduce the Cherish You! Challenge: Learning to love yourself one step at a time.

Over five days we’ll challenge you with five small, simple steps towards a life where your cup is overflowing with love, appreciation and caring.

It all starts with you.


You’ve heard of the law of attraction, right? You’ve heard the saying ‘what you believe, you can achieve’. You know that to manifest something like love into your life, you’ve first got to imagine it’s already here.

And there’s the rub.

It’s so hard to imagine being loved, nourished, cared for and appreciated when all we do is give, give, give. It seems like we’re always filling everyone else’s tanks to overflowing and looking after the needs of those we love. And our warning light for low fuel is constantly on.

What do you do when the warning light comes on in your car telling you you’ve only a small amount of petrol left in the tank? Hopefully, you pull into the nearest petrol station and fill ‘er up. Because the alternative is too embarrassing to contemplate.

Not so easy when it’s your own heart-tank that’s sounding echo-y and perilously close to running dry.

What do you do when you’ve got nothing left to give, and those you love are looking to you for their usual sustenance?

You could fall in a heap (and I’m sure it’s happened if this is a pattern of yours), or you could learn how to top up your tank without needing to check into a health spa for a month.

Want to learn?

Join us for five days where you learn to:

  • top up your tank so you’ve always got enough to give to those you love
  • never run on empty again
  • stop the cycle of illness or injury from running constantly on empty
  • love yourself in a positive, healthy way
  • be less needy and more confident
  • walk taller and make stronger decisions
  • attract more love and affection, nurture and appreciation!

and if you’re still feeling icky and squirmy because I talked about ‘loving yourself’, maybe these wise words can help:

We are wont to condemn self-love; but what we really mean to condemn is contrary to self-love. It is that mixture of selfishness and self-hate that permanently pursues us, that prevents us from loving others and that prohibits us from loving ourselves.

~Paul Valery

So how does this work?

  • Commencing Tuesday 16th February for five days
  • You’ll receive an email first thing in the morning with a simple challenge for you to complete. They are fairly straight forward, and most of them wont take up too much time (we’re working on about 15 mins each day)
  • At the end of the day, you’ll be invited to answer a question about the challenge of the day.
  • And the best bit? Community and conversation around each of the five small challenges is built in! So if you’re having trouble, need help or have an experience you’d love to share – you’ll get it, and more!

We’ve partnered with who are generously providing us free use of their new application (in return for feedback, so we must remember that:) They are currently in testing mode (I’m a bit confused over alpha- or beta-testing, but anyway, some sort of pre-launch testing phase) and that means we get a test-drive of this wonderful new program and hopefully help shape it into something truly useful and even life-changing.

So, are you in?

Photo Credit: Plumbago from beneath by Aussiegall


8 Responses to “Cherish You! challenge: Learning to love yourself one step at a time”
  1. Evie says:

    Are the 50 spots filled already? I’m not seeing a place to register.

  2. Hi Evie,

    No, the 50 spots aren’t filled yet – we’ve room for you! The sign up box is at the bottom of this post (before the comments) under the words Register Now! If you cannot see it please contact me (see CONTACT page) and I’ll sort it out for you – and look forward to having you join us!

  3. amypalko says:

    Yay! This looks so totally delicious – v. excited :-)

  4. I couldn’t find where to register. Please count me in. Thanks! Avil

  5. Hi Avil, looks like you got yourself all registered – is all OK? I’m thrilled you’ve joined us!