Which of these will you bring with you into 2010?

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How luscious – a new year stretching out before us, a clean slate, a brand new note book waiting for us to make our mark upon it!

We have the option, of course, to make a clean start any time we chose. But when the universe lends a hand and gives us the gift of a brand new, shiny, still-in-it’s-wrapping, year – juicy, ripe, plump and just for us, well – it’s the perfect opportunity to make that clean start.

Like that brand new, blank journal, waiting for us to add colour and meaning, the new year is stretched out there ahead of us, waiting for us to add colour and meaning and beauty and life.

The possibilities are endless…

What will you put into the book of your year?

I’ve always had trouble making the first mark on a beautiful, blank book. My oldest and dearest friend sent me a book last January for my birthday. It’s beautiful. Hard-bound, perfect size, with dark blue binding and a collage of words painted with metallic gold on the cover. Inside the covers is the most exquisite marbled endpaper, the paper inside just the right thickness and a beautiful creamy white. She made it herself!

It is so beautiful it has sat in pride of place on top of my bookshelf all year. And I haven’t written a thing in it. The perfectionist in me wouldn’t let me ‘spoil’ this book with something that wasn’t worthy. And I couldn’t decide what was worthy enough.

Sometimes we have that trouble with our life, too. We don’t want to eliminate possibilities by choosing something. So we leave it blank… waiting for the day that inspiration strikes and we know what we are meant to do.

We come to a fork in the road, and instead of choosing a path and stepping out boldly, we hold back, scared of making the wrong decision.

Sometimes there are so many possibilities. So many avenues to chose. So many paths we could take. So, so much!

And we sit and enjoy the spectacle of all that possibility.

Instead of deciding and enjoying the doing of it.

So today I’d like you to join me for a little decision making. It’s time to choose what we put on the pages of our year.

Intention: Without intention, the winds of change and strife can toss us around and blow us completely off course. What do you intend to do with this year?

Decision: Decisions must be made. Decide, now, to be decisive when it counts. Not deciding is making a decision, you know. Don’t put off life indefinitely. Make a conscious choice today to begin.

Fork in the Road

Beauty: Beauty makes our hearts sing, and lifts us to a higher place. Fill your life with beauty and elegance and you’ll feel radiant!

Colour: I’m getting out my watercolour pencils and adding colour and life to my book. There is something so wonderful about just the right shade of cerise or magenta or cerulean…

Heart: When in doubt, check in with your heart. For always, deep down, you know what’s right, what’s truth. Your heart knows. Listen.

Energy: Good food and movement give us the energy to get stuck into our year with enthusiasm.

Passion: Passion for life makes everything brighter. Know your passion. Live it.

Order: Don’t take junk with you into your wonderful year. Deal with the ‘stuff’, get help if you need it. Create order and feel an incredible lightness of spirit!

Belief: Believe in yourself. Anything is possible if you simply believe. It isn’t enough that others believe in you – you must know it.

Presence: Stay anchored in the present moment. Don’t live in yesterday’s and tomorrow’s. Your power is right here, right now.

Nature: Ground yourself in the natural world. Open up to feel of the breeze, the touch of the sun, the smell of damp earth, the thunder of the surf, the beauty of the mountains, the wonder of a spider-web… and know you’re alive!

Action: Take action. It does not need to be perfect. It does not need to be clever. Start living, start filling in pages… Action builds momentum and momentum will carry you forward to your dreams.

Space: Leave some pages deliberately blank. We need space and solitude in order to breathe. And those empty spaces invite even further possibilities…

Love: And above all, love. Our family, our friends, our special love, these are what makes the rest worthwhile.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.

~William Blake from Auguries of Innocence

What are you planning on filling the book of your year with?


13 Responses to “Which of these will you bring with you into 2010?”
  1. Rene Schoenknecht says:

    What a gorgeous way to start the year. I am filling this year mainly with my Family as my boys are getting a little older and soon they will be more in tuned to what Dad is doing, also going away in the caravan to spend time with nature and explore the surroundings. Nothing is impossible, you just have to go find out how to do it.

  2. Lin says:

    I am sure your friend knew you were worthy before she gave you the book. Filling the journal with your ideas will make the book worthy of you. See? It is all how you look at it.

    I especially like the idea of not taking your ‘junk’ into the new year.

  3. Rene – thank you! Those boys of yours will definitely grow quickly – my eldest turns 20 tomorrow, and surely it’s only yesterday that he was a baby? Do enjoy the caravan trip – I hope you’re going somewhere really lovely!

    I know you can do what ever you put your mind to – and it seems to me you’re on the right track to a really beautiful year!

  4. Oh Lin, my dear friend! You sure snuck up from behind and hit me with that one, didn’t you? It really IS all how you look at it.. and I’ve been sitting here looking at this beautiful journal and knowing that NOW I can put words and images on it’s pages. It may not be perfect, but I am worthy! Wow.

    Are you clearing junk out of your life? I’ve done my wardrobe (have a car boot full of clothes to go to charity) and am moving onto the linen cupboard next, as soon as I get the Christmas tree and all the decorations packed away. Since we’ll be moving sometime this year I have double the motivation to get clear of junk, and I DO love the feeling of clearing space for wonderful things to enter my life. And, of course, junk isn’t only ‘stuff’, it’s negative feelings and toxic relationships as well…

    Thank you so much my friend. It’s wonderful to hear from you here!

  5. Chris Owen says:

    I’m going to get my coach to stay on my backside about that tricky one for me “belief”.
    I’d say more about that book but Lin’s done the job FAR too well to need to repeat it!!!!

  6. This is a beautiful space and a lovely post. And don’t new years have that wonderful fresh scent about them, just like the gorgeous handmade book your dear friend knew should live with you? She probably knew you would breathe even more life into what she merely sent as a container just for your thoughts. And that’s the thing about containment, it actually can invite expansion and creativity within. And that has a way of showing up on the outside too.
    I loved reading this. Thank you so very much for writing it.
    (I came by way of Joanna Young. )

  7. Chris – LOL, and phew! Ahh, yes, I’m sure you’ll grow into Belief during the year as things really spark around you. Here’s to a magnificent 2010!

    Janice – Thank you so much. Yes, that wonderful fresh scent of New Years always seems to last right through January for me… I do love this time of year. Thank you for your thoughts on containment, I’d never looked at it like that – it’s wonderful how a comment can spark off a whole new lot of learning and perspective.

  8. This is so lovely that I am bookmarking it to read again whenever I want a little reminder. I am making this the year that I start fresh, grow and learn, and live what I love. Intention, Heart, Energy, Belief, Passion, Space… and all of the others… all such great inspiring words. Thank you!

  9. Thank you Sue! I do believe you’ve made a really great start to the year already… that freshness, growth and learning seems to be oozing out of you already :) xx