Better Relationships – A Treasure Trove of Possibility

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It’s everywhere! Here at Calm Space. In many similarly inspiring places across the net. Your local bookshop has a big section. Even your daily paper sometimes goes there. We’re all hunting for healing for our “21st century angst”. The search is on for satisfaction for the soul, motivation for the days ahead, increased self-awareness, acceptance […]

Noticing Beauty in the Ordinary Moments: Luke Vassella

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Ah…. Sweet sweet possibility; even the word itself sounds exciting, fresh and invigorating! If I weren’t so entrenched in holiday mode I’d be jumping out of my skin! Possibility also just happens to be my chosen theme for 20-10 instead of taking on a New Years’ resolution (at Karen’s suggestion) and using it to berate […]

A Simple Way to Find Understanding, Peace and Wisdom

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Last semester at university I taught the wonderful poem The Thought-Fox by Ted Hughes, and I was struck at how incredibly rich natural metaphors can be to describe the human condition.  It’s something that I try and tap into in my own writing, both here at The Calm Space and in my personal creative writing, […]

Shaking Off the Shoulds

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The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes — ah, that is where the art resides. ~ Artur Schnabel I opened the kitchen curtains this morning to an eerie brightness and snow falling silently outside. My kids’ delight in the snow is not contagious. After I packed them […]

The Bathroom Retreat

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I love January. Something about saying goodbye to an old year, and welcoming a new one filled with possibilities puts me in a great mood. It’s the time of year that I take the most time for myself, reflecting, redirecting and focusing on what the future holds. I am about to set off an incredible […]

Spiritual Possibility

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In order to discuss spiritual possibilities it is first necessary to discuss ‘faith’. To me, spiritual faith in your Higher Power requires no proof. Most people say, “I’ll believe it when I see it”. If you have true faith in Source you will say, “I’ll see it when I believe it”. This level of faith […]

The Need to Create

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I’m thrilled to share a very special story with all readers of The Calm Space! This short story was written by Emma Newman, exclusively for Em’s Short Story Club in December 2009. The story was inspired by the phrase “…but the recipe was very specific… 67 minutes…” that I submitted as a member of her […]

Five quick ways to give your mood a boost

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Feeling a bit flat? New Year celebrations long over? Already frustrated by your efforts to keep those resolutions? There are lots of ways you could try to lift your mood. But going shopping and eating chocolate have ramifications you may not want to face right now. And If you’re busy, you may not have time […]

Natural Magic

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Dwell in possibility ~Emily Dickinson “I dwell in possibility.”  What a wonderful place in which to live.  Do you dwell in possibility or in impossibility? How sad it is that we leave our childhood behind and with it our innocent belief in magic and possibility. How real was it when Santa or the Tooth Fairy […]

Which of these will you bring with you into 2010?

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How luscious – a new year stretching out before us, a clean slate, a brand new note book waiting for us to make our mark upon it! We have the option, of course, to make a clean start any time we chose. But when the universe lends a hand and gives us the gift of […]

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