Spiritual Beauty

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Most of us recognise beauty in natural things if we stop running around like crazy for a few minutes. Infinite Intelligence made a very beautiful world for us to live in and all of nature is testament to it.

Floripa Rib Ilha(stock photo by mterraza)

Floripa Rib Ilha by Marcelo Terraza

This month I am going to ask you to conduct an experiment. If When you do stop for a few minutes (every day, more than once!) and look upon a beautiful flower, the ocean, trees, streams, whatever gives you a lovely sense of peace and grace, don’t just look at it and say “how beautiful”, but draw yourself into a divine relationship through that beauty. As my personal guru, Frederick Bailes says in his book Hidden Power for Human Problems:

You have seen … a phenomenon of nature, a thing of beauty in itself, something apart from you. You have admired it, experienced a temporary suggestion of peace, but never allowed yourself to be drawn through it into a personal relationship with its Creator.

When David the sheepherder lay staring at the stars, he did not say “How beautiful!” He declared with true reverence “The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork.”

Frederick Bailes also talks about a businessman with a short temper and cranky disposition. He suggested to the man that he try the experiment for 7 days, whether he truly believed in it or not. The man returned after a week, his face radiant and smiling, his wife and employees delighted by the change in him. This is what he recounted:

He had watched a new kitten having fun in his house, he noticed his beloved roses mystically rather than just on their surface beauty – their colour, exquisite engineering structure, and rich fragrance. He said that he watched “the purple shadows steal across the mountains … the stillness of the ocean in the morning … the spirit behind the song of the birds (and) the humming of the bees. In fact, I am rediscovering the world I live in. It’s a storehouse of beauty.”

I give you these practical suggestions to show that it is not a difficult experiment. All we need is attention and awareness to take the appreciation of beauty to the next level and realise that the same Mind that made these things of beauty, made us as well. Spectacular!


Love, peace and wisdom


2 Responses to “Spiritual Beauty”
  1. Gay Boston says:

    When I stop to admire/enjoy/appreciate these wonderful things, I try to remember to say “Thank You” to the One who shares them with us. I’m guessing even God enjoys a “Well done!” now and then.

  2. Annie Hutton says:

    How lovely that you say ‘Thank you’ Gay and I know that our appreciation is appreciated! Gratitude and drawing ourselves into the divine picture is a whole ‘nother level that just looking at a beautiful object.