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This is a guest post by Dierdre Le Blang. Thanks and welcome Dee!

tracy killeenThe power and strength it would take to bare one’s soul to the world via music must be a risky choice, but the results can be exhilarating and empowering for the artist and listener alike, as I recently discovered with country artist Tracy Killeen and her album ‘Back There

I used to be one of ‘those’ people that would spout about not liking country music, and quite frankly, couldn’t understand the fuss about it, and why the genre had such an enormous and devoted following?! I mean truly, wouldn’t the world prefer a little less twanging and duelling banjos, and listen to something that you could honestly relate to?

That was then…. Now however, I happily join the ranks of country music fans around the nation, and this is in no small part due to Tracy and her album. I am pleased to admit that I am no longer able to say “I don’t like Country!!”

Speaking with Tracy, she shares her emotional connection to her songs and the hope of it having a positive impact on the audience, as it has had on her life in the writing of it. “There’s still beauty despite the negatives” she reminded me, as she shared that the song ‘Almost Feeling Good’ whilst about getting over heartache was to help her grow stronger and embrace her future.

Quite simply, her album is an absolute joy to listen to; it reminds me of the simple pleasures that I used to make time for in my life – time laughing and enjoying the company of family and friends; BBQ’s on sunny summer afternoons that finished far too soon; and laying on my back on the grass as a kid watching the clouds scud above me, believing that I could do and be anything ‘when I grew up’.

“Kids are open to new things, they believe they can do anything and are so open to embracing the essence of believing in themselves” Tracy shared when speaking of the track ‘Back There’. Listening to her talk about that beauty and innocence of children, and that “Yeah I can!” ability they have brings the memories of my own joyful childhood flooding back and leaves me pondering what has changed in my life since then.

Her music calls me to remember the inner strength, courage and ability I had as a child and still have within me as an adult, yet at times forget far too easily when the pressures and stress of modern life cloud my vision. Her music reflects on our collective challenges and the strength we all have within us to work through them, yet leaves you feeling inspired and encouraged; that we’re never alone in our journey.

Listening to this album makes me want to dance, and smile, and laugh, and play hopscotch and skipping games with my nieces. I want to giggle, and sing, and fall down to discover that I DO have the strength to get up again, dust myself off, and harness that power within to realise there was a lesson to learn (and to welcome it!).

It reminds me to also be grateful for all the beauty, in all its forms, that I now have in my life and had in the past, even if I couldn’t see it at the time. It speaks of lost love, new love, and the hardships of life but encourages me to use it as a gauge to see where I’ve come from, where I am now, and how much stronger I am for having had those experiences. It was a wise soul that once said we are today a result of all our experiences and all the people that have passed before us. If only I could be that wise.

Tracy KilleenI openly admit to being a huge fan of my parents; their strength, determination and sheer perseverance to never give up, ever, is reinforced when I listen to the track ‘My Dad’, and I admire them more and more as Tracy talks of hers. I just want to visit mine and give them a hug, of thanks if nothing else (although they may think that a little weird, they’re used to me by now).

You won’t however get me publicly admitting to the fact that ‘My Dad’ makes me want to cry when I listen to it, but if I ‘were’ to say that, it would be in a good way, in a thankful way, as in that one brief moment through relating to Tracy’s words, I realise that maybe, just maybe, some of the good things that I admire so much about my parents have rubbed off on me a little too.

I’m sure my neighbours are now fans of Tracy’s album, as they’ve heard it a few times in as many weeks blaring from my stereo. I have to be thankful they can’t see the dance moves that I’ve created to go with each song!

It truly is a feel good album for me, and if I can believe that I’m a fantastic singer and dancer just by listening to it, then I guess it’s not too far a stretch to believe that I have everything within me right now that I need; including the sometimes elusive power and strength to be who I am.

There truly is ‘All Kinds Of Beautiful’ in this world.

I invite you to find out more about Tracy Killeen and her music at her website, and her MySpace.

More about our Guest Author:

Dierdre Le Blang is the owner of Primal Entertainment; a music industry agency based on the north shore of Sydney that was born from a passion for live music and a desire to support and encourage the creative souls that work with it.

Being able to harness the power of music, and utilise that to inspire others in their journey, is a privilege


5 Responses to “Tracy Killeen: All Kinds of Beautiful”
  1. janice says:

    Karen’s an awesome editor. I wanted to say hello to the folk who, like me, are new this month, and I’ve been blown away!

    I spent most of your post wanting to shout “Me too!” I’ve been a singer songwriter most of my life and I’m greedy when it comes to singing other people’s songs; I’ll sing anything that moves me. But there was something about the whole Stetson-wearing, fringed jacket evangelism of the stereotypical country music that stopped me exploring it for years.

    What a waste! When I did discover the passion and unashamed gutsy heartbreak soul spilling lyrics of the very best Country music, I too stopped saying “I don’t like Country”.

    After I post this, i’m going over to check her out. The universe often sends me new finds like this! thank you!

  2. janice says:

    PS Just listened and the tracks on her site have brightened up my day – thank you!

  3. Dee says:

    Hi Janice

    Lovely to meet another ‘newbie’ :) and yes, I totally agree – Karen is awesome!

    I’m thrilled you enjoyed Tracy’s tracks and could relate to the review. Isn’t it funny how we get an idea stuck in our head about a style of music and stick to it for years.
    (I think Billy Ray Cyrus has a lot to answer for! :)

    Please keep sharing your soul with the world via your music; you’ll be touching people in ways you can’t imagine, and they’ll be forever thankful.


  4. karen says:

    I want to say a huge welcome to Calm Space, I’m so thrilled you took up the challenge of Sound Space, you’ve way exceeded my (high) expectations with this gorgeous post.

    My husband is a great country music fan – but is also very particular, and doesn’t like that old sterotypical (Billy Ray Cyrus: )) country. But there are some terrific singers with fabulous voices like Tracy who bring the rest of us around, foot tapping, heart singing, and loving every minute of it!

    Thank you so much for introducing us to Tracy – and also thank you and Janice for your lovely comments – I’m blushing. xx