Spiritual Power and Strength

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The power and strength of spirituality is quite divine. Can you even imagine how much power and strength it took to manifest this world in which we live? (not to mention the rest of the Universe!)

photo credit: green by miyukiutada on flickr

photo credit: green by miyukiutada on flickr

The amazing balance of nature (if we stay out of the way and stop screwing it up).

Water and land, trees and birds, predators and the whole circle of life thing.

Our bodies – the complexity, the built-in backup systems, the magic of breathing in and out 24/7 without conscious effort or awareness, every cell a mini-miracle!

We are not certainly talking about brute strength or abuse of power here. This is a quiet strength backed up by immense power. And the best thing is, we are all a part of Source, albeit a very small part.

Imagine if all of us, with our small part to play, played it with love and joy and integrity, can you imagine how much power we would collectively wield to make a better world?

We have all seen what happens when power is wielded for the benefit of those people who thrive on having control over others. Sadly for those people there is not much spirituality in their actions, but let’s not forget we can all still benefit and learn from their lack of love and awareness. If we choose the collective power of love and joy and integrity, there is no way the individual wielding unnatural power (eg. Hitler) can ever prevail. The bullies have nowhere to go if they are met with transcendence and a calm stillness. Now that is true power and strength!

I am reminded with goose bumps of the last words in the divine Lord’s Prayer:

‘For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory, for ever and ever’

Amen to that.

Love, peace and wisdom

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