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You could be forgiven for thinking that all is doom and gloom at the moment – especially if you watch the nightly news, switch on CNN or turn on the radio in the car near the top of the hour.

Feather and Sky by Amy Palko

Feather and Sky by Amy Palko

And whilst the rain pours down outside and I have the lights on inside to brighten my day as I write this, I don’t feel gloomy or doom-y. Rather, I’m feeling light as a feather. You see, I’ve been researching kindness. And my heart is overflowing with the promise of goodness I am finding… all over the world.

We are the product of what we fill our minds and hearts with. Can you afford to watch the news each night? Can you afford to have CNN on in the background of your days? Hopefully your visit here to our beautiful place will raise you a little higher today, and bring hope to your heart.

There are millions of people, right this very moment, showing a little kindness to someone else. Compassion lives!

June at The Calm Space

This month, we’ve some real treats, a challenge or two and a whole lot of kindness happening here at The Calm Space.

We’d love to hear your stories of kindness shared. Please drop me a line, or leave a comment – I’ll publish all stories along with a link to your website or blog (if you have one). Stories of good turns, compassion shown by another, or the unintended consequences of a small act. Share how you show kindness to others. Share your commitment to paying it forward. No story too small or too big!

This month, we welcome Amy Palko as a writer for The Calm Space. We’re thrilled Amy has finally completed her thesis (huge congratulations on your phd graduation later this month, Dr Amy – we’re so proud of you!). She now has time to share her amazing skill with words, as well as her beautiful photography with us all. Please do stop by Nature Space and welcome Amy.

We’re also thrilled to have the Helen Crozier as our guest writer at Digital Space this month. Helen has provided us with a few intriguing websites where we can sow the seeds of kindness and make this world a better place to live! Hopefully we can encourage Helen to write for us more often…

Also this month, Chris is all a twitter with some very timely advice on being kindest to the one you love in Relationship Space; Marj offers a very enticing selection of books to while away the winter hours in Reading Space; and in Organising Space Angela helps us find time and motivation to be kind to ourselves first and foremost (for unless we can be kind to ourselves, we won’t have the energy to care for everyone else).

Annie leads us gently into being kind, not right in Spiritual Space; we profile a special Australian talent – Pete Healy – at Sound Space (do have a listen to the two free downloads – very special!); and give you the chance to win CDs from Pete or a spot on Chris Owen’s next 5 Love Languages tele-seminar – both wonderful prizes.

Finally, in Money Space Grant reminds us that taking care of our financial affairs – things like making a will, donating and ensuring you plan for succession of the family business – are acts of kindness for those who follow in our footsteps; and I take you on a gentle exploration of the value and the amazing benefits of random acts of kindness at Serenity Space.

Don’t forget to visit Challenge Space this month and join in our June Kindness Challenge – we’re waiting for you!

Namaste and thanks for visiting

Káren x


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