Announcing GreenKeeper – The Educational Guide to Organic and Sustainable Living

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What does ‘organic’ mean? Why is ‘certified organic’ so important? How can I easily change to a more sustainable lifestyle? How to read ingredient labels? How to avoid toxins? How do I look after my body and skin naturally? What’s safe to use during pregnancy? Learn all this and much, much more by joining GreenKeeper now! […]

A simple vote is all it takes to help Act for Kids

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Can you help raise $60,000 for abused kids? Yes you can – all we need is your vote! With your vote ACT for Kids can win $60,000 in cash from Canon to help treat and prevent child abuse. If you’re as passionate about helping Aussie kids as they are then ACT now and vote for […]

The path of knowledge leads to truth…inconvenient and otherwise

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From a presidency that changed the world, to myths that shaped a nation; from Chile to Pakistan; from murder most-foul to the real women of Islam; there is a true tale here that will change the way you see the world…

Spreading Kindness and Reaping Joy

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When the going gets tough – make kindness your coping mechanism of choice. This month, Karen shares the benefits to everyone of unfurling a little kindness around the globe…

Sound Space: Peter Healy

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We’re pleased to present a multi-talented Australian singer, writer and performer as our artist of the month for June. Download a great song (listen carefully to the lyrics) and also Seasons – a stirring spoken word poem…

Your Breathing Space for June

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Have you ever had a kindness shown? Pass it on; ‘Twas not for thee alone, Pass it on; Let it travel down the years, Let it wipe anothers tears, ‘Til in Heaven the deed appears – Pass it on. ~Rev. Henry Burton, Pass It On Download this image as desktop calendar wallpaper for your PC […]

We're spreading the joy of Kindness

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Welcome! This issue we’re talking about Kindness, and sharing our thoughts, our love and our spirit with you. Will you join us in spreading kindness and joy this month? We’re finding goodness all over the world…

Kindness on the Web – Rice, Books and Community

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There is a proliferation of creative websites making it easier for us to participate in acts of kindness. This month, our guest writer, Helen Crozier shares a few of her favourites with us…

Spiritual Kindness

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True kindness comes from the heart with ease and grace. This month, Annie shares a lesson she learned from Wayne Dyer and a life philosophy that enhances the giver as well as those they share with…

Donations, Succession, Wills and Kindness

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In a unique look at the world of finance as it relates to Kindness, Grant tackles the issues of giving to charity and planning for the future of your family – including succession planning and ensuring your family are cared for by planning ahead with wills, powers of attorney and letters of wishes…

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