Where Work and Play Meet

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We hear so much about work-life balance, don’t we? I have always believed that there is no such thing as balance between our work time and the rest of our life. It’s never static, never ‘in balance’, never ‘just right’ for longer than about three minutes. Is it?

If you feel differently, if you feel you’ve found that balance and can maintain it – then please, please comment here and share with the rest of us!

I am just going to pop back on my end of the see-saw while it’s at a height that I can reach…

This month, we serve up a wonderful array of tempting tid-bits for your reading and viewing pleasure. We’ve worked hard and we’ve had fun – all at the same time! We’d love you to leave a comment, breathe a little, download our gorgeous desktop wallpaper, and generally take a little time to feel a smidgen more in control and balanced.

As you read this, I am sitting somewhere on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean to the west – and learning about the fun part of the equation…

Happy Mother’s Day to all those beautiful women who nurture and give of themselves unerringly, day after day after day. May you feel nurtured and oh, so special, on this special day and right throughout the year.

Wishing you fun, relaxation and love to balance the work in your life,

Karen x


One Response to “Where Work and Play Meet”
  1. Oh, the Pacific Ocean sounds wonderful. What a way to play! Enjoy every minute. For me, those are the moments that sustain me when the work part gets tough.