Be kind, unwind

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Working hard, juggling responsibilities and relationships, housework and income making… sometimes we get a little burned out. This month, Angela exhorts us to be kind, in the nicest way possible – to ourselves…

Blurring the Boundaries between Work and Play

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Do you take your work too seriously? Have you lost the fun? This month Karen challenges us to answer the question “What is life without play?” and even provides us with tips to make our work, whether in the office or at home, more enjoyable.

Your Breathing Space for May

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The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play…

Monthly Prize Draw – May

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We all love a chance to win something special! Here at The Calm Space, we’re dedicated to bringing a sense of calm and tranquillity to your life and one of the ways we hope to do that is by offering you the chance to go into our regular monthly prize draw. Register once to automatically […]

Spiritual Work and Play

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Are you so caught up in the busyness that you forget WHY you’re so busy? Annie reminds us, in her beautiful, loving way, about remembering the ‘why’ to help us remain calm and happy…

And never the twain shall meet unless…

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Once again, Marj offers a tempting and broad-ranging array of books – this time seeking to encourage our passion for engagement, be it at work or play. Six books, fiction and non-fiction to entice you…

Life's no Play with a Workaholic!

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Is resentment building in your head about how work and play fit (or don’t!) into your family/relationship? Join Chris as she expertly explores the tips and tricks to living with a workaholic….

Treatments for a tired body

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When you’ve been playing hard or working long hours, there is nothing nicer than soaking your feet or your whole body. This month, Joanne gives us two enticing recipes to restore our equilibrium…

Living a Balanced Life

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Is it possible to work more than 50 hours a week and still live a balanced life? Is that balance ever achievable? Join Angela as she guides us ever so wisely towards what she calls a ‘work/life nirvana’…

Where Work and Play Meet

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For May we’re taking a good hard look at that play where Work and Play intersect. We’re looking at ways to make work fun, ways to reassess why we do what we do, and so much more…