Six Conversational Habits to Ditch Today

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Are you guilty of poor conversational skills? Like interrupting others in mid-sentence? Or pooh-poohing compliments? Or worse… I’d say there are at least six terrible conversational habits that we should jettison as we aim for better communication and connection with others… and this fabulous post is a great place to start… “There’s something to be […]

We're talking… about conversations!

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Connecting and talking with others puts love in our hearts and a spring in our step! This month, we’ve a terrific line-up of Conversations for you – everything from conversations that save the world, to those that save your marriage and everything in between… and don’t forget our Challenge!

The Tango of Good Conversation

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A good conversation should give you a sense of accomplishment and connection similar to masterful dancers. Join Karen as she tangos through the art of conversation …

Why Conversations Can be Hard Work!

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Your personality can have a big effect on the way you relate – especially in an intimate relationship! Whether you’re the life of the party or crave some quiet alone-time, Chris shares some of her own intimate moments learning to relate successfully…

A little less conversation a little more action…

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When the talking’s done, all that’s left is action – and this month Marj provides with five intriguing books to help us have those important or difficult conversations…

Conversation with a Punctual Teenager

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Our Queen of Organisation, Angela, had a very insightful chat with a young man recently, where they both learned a lot from connecting! Come hear what this punctual teen had to say – there’s lessons there for us all…

Changing the world starts at home

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Can the small conversations we have as individuals, with our friends, with our kids, save the world? Marc shows us how talking to our children starts a chain reaction that could change the world…

Spiritual Conversations

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Annie guides us gently in the way to develop an intimate personal relationship with Source, where all kinds of conversations may take place…

The Best Conversations

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With our busy lives and overloaded minds, it’s often hard to find the space to have a deep conversation these days. Joanne shares her journey to clearing the inbox of her mind and how the most meaningful conversations must begin with ourselves…

Your Breathing Space for April

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The true spirit of conversation consists in building on another man’s observation, not overturning it.

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