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If you’re like me then you’ve probably danced around the lounge room with the music turned up loud (some times really loud which is why I love good stereo equipment). Hopefully you thought bugger what the neighbours/rest of the family/anyone else thinks and just had a good time.  You and I probably also share the fact that we’ve danced your way through several pubs, clubs and other venues throwing inhibitions, and ear drums, to the wind.  Well there have been a couple of developments in technology that have made it all the more fun and ear drum safe to dance to your favourite (loud) music.

listen, dance, enjoy

Silent Disco

There are times that I refuse to admit that discos were a part of my youth.  The fact that I know all the words and will still dance along to some of the classic disco tunes generally gives the game away though.  Those discos were loud, sweaty, cramped affairs …. and in that regard not much has changed.  That latest disco craze making its way across the bus-stops and car washes of the world is the silent disco.  Most recently it landed in Australia & New Zealand for the Big Day Out music festival.

The Silent Disco according to wikipedia is :

a clubbing concept where dancers are provided with personal wireless headphones which can be tuned in to listen to a DJ, or sometimes switch between DJ channels (unlike a flash mob silent disco where the participants would be listening to personal music via portable devices). The concept of a silent disco earns its name because any outsider walking into the event would see a venue full of people dancing, yet hear no music, hence silent disco. Overall this makes for an experience like no other, strange at first but simple to get involved with.

To me it just sounded like loads of fun.  I wonder if I can hire it out for the round of 50th birthdays we’ve got happening in the next 12-18 months ;-)

iHearSafe Headphones and Earbuds

You must have had your iPod turned up too loud if you haven’t been hearing the news that all the new personal music devices (like the iPod and their friends) have been contributing to hearing loss.  At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas there was one exhibitor that was spreading the message of “turn it down!”

Christine Ingemi, a mother of 4 kids under age 11 invented the award winning, patent pending iHearSafe™ Earbuds and Headphones, which are the only truly safe volume earbuds and headphones. She got tired of telling her children to “Turn it down!” as they listened to their mp3 and dvd players and could not find a solution in the marketplace…so she invented a solution, the iHearSafe™ Safe Volume™ product line.

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