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Let’s first distinguish between house and home. Both describe the building in which one lives. But what makes a house a home? I reckon it’s the vibe you feel when you walk in. Does it feel like love, warmth and happiness? Does it look and feel comfortable and lived in? Are there beautiful, interesting things around? Or is it pristine and cold, or dirty and messy?

How does this relate to Spiritual Home? OK, so we’re having our adventures on the spiritual path. How do we know when we’re home? When we try on something which feels like love, warmth and happiness, when it feels comfortable and lived in, and when it is beautiful and interesting.

I know that when I’m basking in the glow of God’s grace, I feel like I’m home. There is no conflict, no doubt in the back of my mind, and no hypocrisy. That is the nature of true spiritual homecoming. It goes beyond belief and becomes a knowing. There is no need for justification or forcing it on others. There is no need to overthink it.

Just as our home is a sanctuary from all things ugly in the physical world, so our spiritual home is a sanctuary from ugly thoughts and feelings – our own and others. I feel like I’m home when I’m remembering, meditating, being loving, forgiving and accepting.

By the same reasoning that we clean out our closets and shelves in our homes, and keep only that which we love, we need to clean out our spiritual closets and shelves, dust things off and see if we still love them. Only then will we truly feel at peace and at home.

Love, peace and wisdom

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