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I am very excited to share the wisdom of our very own Angela Esnouf – who writes The Organising Space each month. Angela is a wise, and wonderfully organised woman whose business – Creating Order From Chaos – inspires many to feel more in control of their lives every single day.

We are truly blessed to have Angela here sharing her beautiful self as well as her wisdom this month.

Welcome Angela! A question I have always wanted to ask you (and now I get the chance) is – What led you to ‘Creating Order from Chaos’?

I’ve always had a talent and interest in finding better ways to do things, whether it’s saving time or money or effort.  I could see there was a way for me to use that talent to help people.

We’d love to know the ‘inside story’ of the Esnouf household. Is it organised? Who lives with you?

Yes, I have to say my home is organised.  I pretty much only keep what I use or love, and there’s a place for everything and everything in its place.  Just don’t look in my son’s room.  He’s 19 and lives at home.  My 22-year-old daughter moved out a year ago and I love to see her use the skills she’s learned from her Dad and I, like budgeting and good time management.  My husband, Greg, has a demanding job with sometimes irregular hours.  So we’ve all learned to go with the flow and have plans in place which can handle last minute changes of plans.

How do you manage a business and a home? Would you share one of your top tips for keeping all those important balls in the air?

Well, first off, I get help!  In both business and at home, you have to delegate to get it all done.  As well as all of us pitching in at home, I have a cleaner come fortnightly and occasionally send the ironing out to be done.

I wear many different hats – wife & mother, friend, business owner, volunteer – I use a very simple system to make sure I’m getting the balance I want.  All my tasks, appointments, emails etc are recorded in my electronic diary and are colour-coded.  Then I can see at a glance if I’m not devoting enough time to any area of my life.

As you know, we’re talking about home this month here at The Calm Space. Would you share what ‘home’ means to you?

My home is my sanctuary, my comfort.  It’s where my family and friends gather.  And it’s also where I run my business from.  I’m happy that it truly reflects me and my values.

What is it you wish someone had told you so you didn’t have to learn the hard way?

So many things!  I always knew I was good at organising, but didn’t know I’d enjoy running a business so much.  I wish I’d listened to the people that encouraged me to start Creating Order from Chaos earlier and not waited.  I wish I’d had more confidence in myself and my abilities.

I also truly believe that if you can learn from each mistake, then it’s not really a mistake.

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